Is Miss Steak flying under the radar?

The division as a whole, suddenly doesn’t feel quite as daunting as it has in recent years. Aubrun, LSU and A$M all would seem to be a little down. Ole Miss does not have the outstanding quarterback play they’ve had for years now. But the boys from Stankvile are now 3 years into the Leach era. The system is firmly in place. They’ve got an experienced gunslinger running the air raid. They’ve got a decent Defense. Are they the team standing between us and second in the West?

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It will come down to us dominating the line of scrimmage and time of possession with them. Keep their offense off the field.

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not only is the Pirate still coaching, so they are dangerous, but we play at their place. and the week after Bama, that is historically the week when everyone loses.

Yes - think it’s third toughest game on the schedule.

MSU’s QB, the fact it’s a road game, and the position on our schedule(the week after Bama) make this one a really tough spot for the Hogs.

MSU has played a lot softer schedule than Arkansas to start the year. Arizona and Memphis both had soft defenses and don’t run the ball very well. Arizona’s QB had an epically bad night turning the ball over. So how good MSU really is remains questionable. Their game with LSU this week will be interesting. They also play the Aggies in Starkville the week before our game, which might or might not be a test.

Yeah my friend I believe it very well could be. They are playing very well on both sides of the ball. Rogers will be the second best quarterback we play all year long. We will find out more about them when they go to death valley Saturday. LSU is a very talented team who simply gave away the game Florida State can’t see them doing that at home. Playing them right after Texas A&M and Alabama is going to be really really tough though I’m sure we’re going to be beat up and going to play them in that atmosphere is going to be really really challenging.

Under the radar? MSU is listed as #11 in Sagarin’s Overall Value, above Arkansas, and having the nation’s #5 passing offense after two games. As Youda said, we’ll learn more about MSU this weekend, as we’ll learn about South Carolina.

And then you get to follow that very challenging game with a trip to Provo for a slugfest with a physical BYU team.

The open date will be much needed.


Yes it’ll be a miracle if we have the same team right now available to play Mississippi State or BYU. Texas A&M and Alabama are both very physical and I’m not so sure we have the depth to lose too many key people.

We are going to play four very physical games in a row after Missouri State. The only good news is that three of the four opponents will be coming off difficult games themselves. A& M has a critical game against Miami, Miss State has the Aggies, and BYU has Notre Dame. Unfortunately Bama has two weeks to fix the issues exposed in their game with Texas, as they play ULM and Vandy at home.

If we can make it through that stretch without getting the team worn down to the nub, there is an opportunity after the bye week to finish the season strong.

But before we can worry about any of that we have to take care of business against Missouri State, a game which has the potential to be difficult as a very natural spot in the schedule to come out and play flat.


We beat them by 3 last year at home and they missed 3 FG’s! Very tough game.

Exactly we lose that game 9/10 they are a very solid football team but I think we are better up front on defense with more depth I think our linebackers are exceptionally good we just have to iron out all the kinks in the secondary. Offensively I think we are much harder to defend because you don’t know who to really focus on as far as wide receivers.

No doubt MSU will be a very difficult game to win. After this week there are just no breaks in our schedule other than the bye week. Even Liberty is no pushover. Well, Misery looks pretty bad, but that’s not until thanksgiving

They’ve won two close games at Southern Miss and home to UAB; that doesn’t tell me a whole lot. We’ll find out a lot more about them Saturday when they try to stop Sam Hartman and Wake Forest.

I was thinking about the downside of playing such a tough schedule and the physical toll is the worst. The plus is the open date comes at a good time. You get the final five after the open.

I’d take 2-2 against A&M, Bama, MSU, and BYU and be happier than a pig in mud.


Jackson, I’ve said the exact same thing. 2-2 would be a great finish from that gauntlet.

we’ve already lost our best DL and our best secondary player, for the year. several others limping around. after just 2 games, sheesh. this game is so physical, I have no idea how anyone makes it through a season.


2-2 in that stretch means a good chance of finishing 10-2. Which might well get us into the Sugar Bowl (Mark Schlabach of ESPN is already projecting us to Nawlins against Oklahoma).

I would love that.