Is Mike not capable of lighting up the refs a little?

BINGO it is terrible to watch the UT players maul us inside with the ref standing there.

I like Mike the way he is. If he gets too aggressive, it is going to anger some of the Hog fans. The same fans that wanted Nolan just to shut up and coach.

All five of Arkansas’ fouls vs MSU in the first half I believe it was were two shots. And that is BEFORE the Dogs got into the bonus. I like that we contest the shots, I guess the shooting fouls are a byproduct.


Mike is the type who can get on someone without others noticing. He can stay composed while giving a tongue lashing, kind of like your dad in church.

I don’t think he takes it easy on the officials.

Not like my dad, the whole church would of known.

Maybe my dad then. :smiley:

He had a way of giving the look and muttering a couple of words under his breath that made you know he wasn’t playing around and it was time to shape up.

My dad just gave the look. No muttering.

Tripping is a penalty in football! I guess since they review the fouls called they will never do anything about the defense of Kentucky tripping in the lane to get a fast break lay up! The officiating is horrible. Some of the officials are just plain blind.

If you watch the replay, he was getting after the refs in the second half and pointing out the free throw disparity. There are certain posters who post that he was outcoached or that he is too easy on the refs after every game we lose. I didn’t even have to check to see who the OP was. It’s the same every time.

You nailed it.

Refs know when MA isn’t happy. That’s all that matters.

Most refs probably listen to him more than coaches who rant and rave every game and try to show them (the refs) up.

Agree. CMA is a very good coach and man. It is not in his DNA to put on a show.