Is Mike not capable of lighting up the refs a little?

This free throw disparity is outrageous. Mike needs to raise his voice a little.

I was wanting to know the same thing.

Howland outcoached Mike. Not the first time. And won’t be the last. This is not a good State team. We blow a very winnable road game. Silly. These kind of losses haunt you.

He needs to talk to Nolan. No way would I sit there and take that screw job. Hogs beat them in all areas except FTs. Mike needs to man up for his players. So what if he gets a technical, it’s not like the zebras were going to let them win. SEC Commissioner should be outraged at the quality of “refs” they hired.

Please explain how.

76 pts with 40 free throw attempts

I agree the disparity is awful, but I will also say that if we had been given more free throw attempts, we probably would have clanked them. 5 of 12 is horrible and 1 of 3 for Macon is, well, stunning.

See above. He just sat there and let the refs screw us. Howland, on the other hand, had his team take full advantage of the refs. Rebounding awful too. And I hated that last set for Macon when he walked. That was no play at all.

If you think that’s a bad team then you don’t understand basketball. They have legit guards (the Weatherspoon boys were Top 50 recruits) and the Ado kid is a nice FR big. Their non-conf schedule was soft, but 13-1 is 13-1.

They aren’t any good comparatively speaking to other SEC teams. Howland is a good coach. They do guard. But they should have been very beatable for a 6 RPI team.

I’ve said it in another thread, and will repeat it here. It is not the refs. It’s us and how we don’t play defense.

Move your feet and stay in better position to stop drive penetration and stop the hacking, reaching, grabbing, slapping and refs won’t be an issue.

When we are not aggressive on the offensive end and settle for crappy jump shots, then we are not forcing them to foul us.

Sadly, we do it every single game.

Barford and Macon played 37 and 38 minutes respectively. That hurts their defense and will cause the silly reaching fouls.

To bad Garland couldn’t play this year (and yes I care more about his long term health). CJ has done nothing for 3 games now and is a minus defender.

Mississippi State has been a talented team for the last two years. It may be coming together for them this year. Looked like a very good team to me, comparatively speaking to other SEC teams. They won in spite of a horrible shooting night and missing 16 free throws. They will be a tough out at home.

Arkansas has three really good players, Macon Barford, and Gafford. The rest are no better than run of the mill.

There he is. On cue.

I agree Pig. Same old crap. 40 to 12 free throws but it’s coaching. Give me a break!

Misstake is going to beat some people with that defense and the big Ado.

This thread has gotten off subject. CMA does need to channel some Nolan and get in some refs butts. Some of you posters hijacked thread to make your point- I do it at times but you guys aren’t even trying to cover the original point.

I never saw Ado before last night, I was impressed. Big, strong guy. Definitely gonna affect some games this year.

I made the statement last week that I was worried about Mistake, more than TN. Last year, they looked like a Tourney team early in conference season. Went to Lexington, lost and then just kind of fell off. I fully expect them not to have that drop off this year. They were talking about 7/8 SEC teams, Lunardi had AUB as a bubble team and no Mistake, pretty sure, they’ll get some attention Thursday when he updates.

As for Mike channeling his inner Nolan, I don’t think it’ll happen. Mike is a nice guy. Don’t mean that disrespectfully, he’s just different.

Interesting thing I saw from Jimmy Dykes in response to people complaining about officiating, at the end of the year EVERY CALL is reviewed by the league offices. 96% of all calls are correct. I think the issue is the calls that aren’t called.