Is Mason more of NBA prospect than Joe?

So far this year Mason has been our best player and looks more of a NBA prospect than Isaiah. More complete game, a clutch shooter and just a big game player.

Nice resume win. As I said before, with all the experience coming back, we should make the tournament. Even Coach Muss said that even before he got Whitt and Cylla to come in.

Great job on the road.

I have thought that myself, but I am no NBA scout. Mason certainly has a better all-around offensive game, but Joe has the length and athletic ability to play NBA defense. It is a good problem to have…2 quality scorers to go with Jimmy Whitt.

Uh, no.

Exactly :+1:t2:

I got a bit carried away in the excitement of the win, but Mason is doing things that could be attractive to the scouts. He is not quick but seem to get around the defender most of the times. I just like his swagger and confidence and not afraid to take a shot attitude. .

He can drive better than Joe and better FT shooter so far but has to take care of the ball better. He doesn’t lack confidence that’s for sure.

Mason is absolutely making a name for himself early on. Becoming consistently good at both ends of the floor is the next step. Decision making, too, must improve, but he plays with a swagger, and I love that about him.

Mason has played well but I think the last 6 minutes of the game and the five minutes of overtime our offense stalled because it was initiated from the top of the key with Mason having the ball. He does not make good decisions with the ball in his hands in that position. I think he is much better suited receiving the ball on the wing or on the move coming to the top than starting the offense with him having the ball at the top of the key.

I wondered about that decision. At that point, we could not create any offense plus we could stone cold from the 3 pt line, and thusly could not score. I think it was fatigue, it is going to be tough battling those deep big guy benches as the season rolls on.

I have subsequently read where Muss said he felt like (Coach Muss on himself not Mason) he slowed the offense down to early so maybe Jones wasn’t going too slow but I still an not liking Jones out on top initiating the offense. Love me some coach Muss by the way. This is the only real critique I have had of his coaching this year so far.

Saw the post game conference where he questioned his own decision at end to run clock instead of attacking more. I agree that this caused some of the stagnation.

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