Is Mason an upgrade over CJ?

I realize that no one can really answer this with any authority yet. Just interested in hearing some opinions.

Joe is the upgrade for CJ, and in my honest opinion the reason CJ left. Jones II looks to be an upgrade over Jones I.

As a comparison:

Barford’s freshmen stats: 20.6 PPG, 7.1 RPG, 5.1 APG, 2.4 SPG. 52.5% FG, 70.1% FT

Macon’s freshmen stats: 23 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 3.1 APG. 46.5% FG, 88.5% FT, 36.9% 3PT

Mason Jones’ freshmen stats: 15.5 PPG, 6.9 RPG, 2.9 APG - 52% FG, 77% FT, 43% 3 PT

CJ Jones’ freshmen stats: 2.4 PPG, .6 RPG. - 47% FG, 71% FT, 50% 3PT

M. Jones was in his third year of playing basketball.

In my opinion, looking at the stats: YES

I think so. Kid rebounds, good shooter, can’t be a worse defender or ball handler.

CJ had 2 full years to show and improve.

Well it’s hard to argue that he’s a downgrade. If he is merely a streaky 3 point shooter we’re at status quo. He shot it plenty well enough at JC to think that he can at least check that box.

If he also plays a little defense or has a decent handle or rebounds a little or can occasionally take it to the rim then he’s an upgrade. Not that high a bar. So there’s a pretty good chance he will be a significant upgrade.

CJ is a one trick pony. Catch and shoot. That is it. He did not perform up to expectations this past season for some reason. He could not knock down the shots when we needed him to. I wish the kid well where ever he ends up. He is not hard to replace.

I think he looks to be an upgrade has a very nice stroke but will have to learn to get it off quicker than he does or it will get blocked,not sure about his athleticism since you can’t tell by the highlights.

Nothing wrong with having C.J. if we were stacked with talent. Al Dillard use to come in and score 15 in 5 minutes of play. C.J. is no Al Dillard but he could be a great weapon off the bench when we need shooters on the court. I did not like his slumps this past season. I believe we got an upgrade on defense and rebounding.

CJ was a reach who didn’t work out

Comments: I say some of these comments I’ve seen since CJ announced he is transferring from the UA is over the top although I’m use to it. I believe the young man is home sick and never felt comfortable up in the ozark mountains. Most likely he will transfer to a small college in Alabama or one of the bordering states colleges where he can play immediately.
As the subject relates to Mason I think he will be an immediate impact on both sides of the ball. His stats shows he shoots the 3ball very well, 70% at the free-throw line, solid rebounding. In addition he isn’t frail he will do well playing in the SEC, and if Mike and staff signs another quality big this will be his best class since he’s arrived here. He will have quality players 2 deep, and for the first time balanced, don’t be surprised if Mike’s plays a lot of man defense he will have the size and speed to do it…

I for one glad we had CJ. He won a few games for us, such as crucial one at Alabama this year. Jump shooting is a matter of confidence and mental. He let that bother him this year. I have no doubt he would have been an off the bench impact shooter next year.

However, he may want to play major minutes starting somewhere ( and who including all of us wouldn’t). Also, when things are not going right, one gets homesick, which is what Rollingwithmike was alluding to.

Maybe, but that isn’t worth a scholarship.

Mason’s other offer so far was with University of Central Arkansas. Justin Acri of Buzz 103.7 in LR is like Chuck Barrett of UCA. He mentioned that Mason has been a soft commitment to UCA for a while but UCA staff always thought he was eventually going to be noticed in the late signing period by a Power 5 school as spots open up. And that is exactly what was happening. I have a feeling our staff acted fast and signed him up before other Power 5 schools could get close to him.

In Dudley or RD’s article (can’t remember which one) they mentioned he had offers from BYU and Washington.

I recall the story saying he was considering BYU and Washington. It did not say he had offers. It is possible those two were showing interest.


I always liked CJ’s potential - athletic shooter. Felt like he could be the X-factor going into conference play - that extra scoring threat that this team needed. Think we could have gotten a few more big conference wins if he were able to keep his momentum through conference. However, he prettt much disappeared and so did his shot - got flatter and flatter, no air under the ball (not sure why someone didn’t say, “Hey C.J., get some air under it” - felt like that’s all he needed).

Either way, in spite of his athleticism, he was a little stiff, a little slight and just lost his confidence. My biggest question was whether he was a “gamer”. Felt like maybe not.

Glad to have Mason - always happy to add another potential shooter. His brother was a McDonald’s AA. Looks just like him. Maybe Mason was just a little later getting to the party and we got lucky.

He’s probably a significant upgrade offensively over what Hall and CJ were this year. I think more of CJ’s potential than many. If he sits out a year, he may develop into a prime scorer. Mason probably has a lot of unrealized potential as well given his late start to basketball, and he may have a more well rounded skill set for next season. I’m looking at it as a sort of a push right now. That’s not a knock on Mason because I thought CJ might possibly show significant improvement with regular minutes. Also, I have never seen a player shoot 37% on over 100 treys be so maligned as a shooter. CJ scored in double figures in 3 SEC games playing under 20 minutes, but we seem to have replaced him well.

I never like to see players transfer. I thought CJ made improvements this year but he needs to add some weight and develop. This may help the young man and that’s what is important.
I hated to see Hall leave his upside and potential we may never see. Of course he’s going to play for Penny Hardaway at Memphis.
As for Mason it’s nice to pick up a player that actually can hit free throws. He may be a late bloomer on the hard wood but he has touch. He is 6’5" so he can make an impact on the defensive end of the floor. Last season the hogs had plenty of offense the defense failed to show up. Maybe this new young group of hogs can show some fight on defense and enough heart to rebound.

So, what did Coach Muse say? Is there another thread that I missed?