Is Maleek W

Williams on track for a possible newcomer break out season?

Seems like he’s the talk of the RB room and has the stats to back it up from the scrimmages. Glad to see a really physical back emerge, should have every aspect you need in the RB room this year.

I was thinking the same thing

Looks good to me. Lighter and quicker. But there are others in that room who are extremely talented, too. Nice healthy competition for all.

I wrote on Maleek late last week. He’s impressed this spring and rips off some nice runs every time we’re allowed to watch practice. Randy Ramsey told me Maleek reminds him of Ricky Williams in the way he’s hard to bring down and his physicality. Matt also likened his style to some of the Saban-era Alabama running backs.

People forget that Maleek look very good in last year’s Spring “Scrimmage” (moved indoors because of rain). This fact tends to get overlooked due to the bigger news of Raleigh’s career-ending injury.

With senior David Williams essentially the same size and running style, it made sense to hold MW back (unless our hand was forced due to injury - which it was not) and let him continue to build his body and adjust to D1 football. I’m not going to predict all-SEC success for him, but I do see him making a solid contribution for each of the 4 years he plays, barring injury. He’s just a good, all-around back, and should be capable of picking up yards inside and out, has shown that he can catch the ball adequately, and should be a good to very good blocker. He will get some playing time this fall.