Is KU without any players in the bowl?

I know we’re playing with a bare bones roster & coaching staff. At least it seems that way. Unless Kansas is having a similar problem, I’m not at all optimistic about our chances in the Liberty Bowl. So much so that I’m losing interest in it.

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I do wonder about what the future of these bowls is going to look like in the next 3-5 years.

Will fans start to tune them out enough because of all the players and coaching moves that it starts to impact the advertising money? I honestly don’t know. But, for the first time, I can at least see it as a possibility.

I’m still looking forward to seeing our players on the field against Kansas, but I would be lying if I didn’t at least admit that, like you, I have lost at least some of the excitement that I used to have for these events.


Losing interest quick. The guy talking to Clay (on the radio) and group talked way to much today.

According to this board we only have enough for a 7on7 game, no wait 5on5. 2 coaches. Moved on to BB…

Someone (media guy) who knows KU Football was on The Buzz today. He said KU will be full strength.

Kansas has lost at least a couple of backups. I don’t know of any front-line players out.

I see six. Biggest loss is a backup linebacker with 24 tackles.

Here’s the list on the 247 portal site

So looking at that report 1/5 to 1/4 of our players hit the road??

Whatever sure doesn’t look good to me?? I counted 20 correct?

Eight that actually played – Knox, Thomas, Bauer, K. Johnson, Thompson, Hornsby, Slusher and Ketron.

Also from that data on the right side of the thread has this?


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I believe the main losses are NOT from the portal. Stromberg, Sanders and Haselwood are the serious losses for the bowl. These three are really good players. They are All-SEC players. None of the portal players are of that caliber.

So, all our OL and LB’s will be playing in our bowl game?
Glad to know our OL will be at full strength to go along with our starting LB’s.

No. Drew Sanders is done. Stromberg done.

I didn’t say that. I said who was in the portal. Does Kansas have anyone good enough to opt out for the draft? I have no idea.

This is start of 2023 season. It is about core of returning players and rough depth chart going into spring practice. Lack depth due to portal-NFL hurt Penn State depth last year in second half and will hurt our defense so offense will have to carry load. Who are the receivers— opportunity for someone to get on depth chart for next year. KB will have to have his plan ready to outscore the Jayhawks. Time for quick start and no missteps on playcalling and penalities. Want to see our depth in real game before next fall.


Sadly, I never had any interest in the game, Chip. I’m wondering how we even field a team. Different times for sure.

I moved on to hoops after the debacle at Mizzou.

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jeremy, jeremy, jeremy What? I have never heard anyone every say something like this. I will say I’m one of the few (like you) that likes BB vs FB. Love FB but really, really love BB…

Sorry, Mike. Just not feeling the Liberty Bowl. Glad for the extra practices, but this season was a colossal disappointment for me. I blame the rash of injuries more than the coaching, but still…

Of course I will watch the game and pull for the Hogs, but basketball has always been my one true love.


Save a medical miracle, Bumper Pool is done playing football as well.