Is Kamani in the dog house?

When did you have them?

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To be honest, it‚Äôs pretty far down ‚Äď maybe not even on ‚Äď the list of things someone on the beat would have asked if we had the chance.

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Good point. :joy:

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Well, Bob did ask about Graham…

lol…I was just asking the message board…I never wanted someone to call Muss on his cell and ask him…

I hear you except there was not a lot of stuff game-wise after such a dominating performance…can only ask about Nick Smith status so many ways…just seems like at the post game PC someone would have asked…everybody played in the blowout except Kamani…Probably just a little discipline…seems like he will announce a suspension like he did with Kamani last year and Reggie Chaney his first year so probably not that?

Not a big deal but obviously something was up…he was sick, injured or in the doghouse

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And it depends who is compiling the list…Bob is just as likely to ask him if watches the Bachelorette vs about the 16 turnovers, etc.

When Muss comes out in a PC and states his disappointment with getting a technical behind a Sport Center dunk‚Ķ ‚Äúact like you have seen it before even though you haven‚Äôt‚Ä̂Ķthere is always a price to pay.


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