Is Kamani in the dog house?

Everyone played except him.

The only thing I can think of is he got that technical the other night after TB made that awesome slam and also he’s been making a lot of turnovers and committing a lot of fouls when he has got a chance to play.

Dude cannot play.

Maybe not with this group of mcd aa’s… he was a very nice contributer last year.

I’m surprised he didn’t transfer with all the studs coming in!!

Yep, we wouldn’t have advanced to Elite 8 without Kamani.

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Not trying to be rude, but if the Mitchells play like they did tonight more often, minutes are going to be tough for Kamani. Not everyone has to play. You play the guys who play well.


There will be a match up where Muss will use Kamari. When the light comes on for Graham to get with playing defense there’s another one to get PT.

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I agree 100%. WPS

I was just saying…the walk on’s got in today. Never said everyone had to play but today everyone did but Kamani.

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Kamani is the best rebounder on the team. But rebounding does not look like a weakness for us this year. Mitchell played impressive defense last night. Can’t argue with his playing time

Evidently coach Muss took a different view of his technical the other day than you and others.

That is something we do not know the answer to. All we know is he didn’t play for some reason.

Wonder why some post take such a left turn…


Me too Jeff….


Maybe someone in the media should ask Muss why he didn’t play…if he was asked I haven’t seen it. I imagine if asked Muss would say why and then we would know.

Muss doesn’t really get into why they don’t play because they ask if Graham was healthy when he didn’t play early in the year and he just Grinned and said yeah he’s healthy,very healthy. Everybody kind of knew that it was something he hadn’t done in practice.


You ought to see the thread on the football board about the A$M meat judging team. It “evolved” into a discussion of 50’s and 60’s pin-ups. :rofl:


Us old folk only live vicariously these days. I’m glad you young folks don’t have to do that yet. But you’re day is coming…. :wink:

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I think I caused the left turn when I mentioned Gaga’s meat dress, and Clay said I lost my marbles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: