Is JSJ On Scholly?


I’m not one of those, but I can confirm that John Stephen Jones is on a football scholarship. Early on he was being recruited as a preferred walk-on. Then, when some Big 12 schools (most notably Texas Tech) offered a full football scholarship (and that’s what people always call it) Arkansas offered a (full)football scholarship and then he committed and signed with the Hogs.

I’m impressed you immediately knew who JSJ was. If that has become his moniker, I’m obviously out of the loop. I might have eventually figured it out, but sure didn’t know.

NEA, this appears to be one of those rare occasions when you are a little bit out of the loop. “JSJ” has been used frequently here, on other boards and among the fans I have interacted with since last year.

Not meant as any kind of criticism; just providing perspective. As you know, the two of us quite often are of the same mind, and due to age we have had similar fan experiences.

I assumed it was John Stephen Jones. Didn’t stop to ask. I guess I got it right.

Well, us old guys got to stick together. I had no idea who JSJ was.

Thanks Clay.

So only Lindsey is only walk on QB?

Put me down as an OG who knows who JSJ, NEA and WOOH are. GHG!

I suspect JSJ has plenty of spending money.

Here’s the story on his offer: … offer-201/

If JSJ and/or Chandler Morris walked on because they could easily afford to in order to conserve scholarships, would it be considered a violation of some NCAA rule? In Jones’ case it could be argued he would be receiving unfair compensation from a booster (who happens to be his father). Morris’ situation is a bit more complex. Still, if they could work a loophole and gain a couple of scholarships, why not? For all I know it is completely legal.

I have no doubt that if they need those scholarships, those scholarships would be available

Neither case is any kind of violation. Legit familial ties negate any hint of impropriety.

Same kinda thing as Coach Morris hanging around all of those Highland Park kids and their parents during “non-recruiting” periods. Can’t penalize someone and prevent them from doing normal “Family/Dad” things with his son the son’s team.

No surprise, then, we have a hard time competing consistently in the upper reaches of the SEC if we can’t give away all of our scholarships to qualified athletes.

While yes they have had trouble competing, I don’t think it is a matter of being able to give away all of the scholarships to qualified athletes.

I think it is a matter of the previous staff not recruiting well the last three years and this staff having to get the football team rid of guys who either shouldn’t been ot he team or first or were/had issues once they get here.

I think there are 51 player on this team who have been here two years or less. The turnover is happening.

We’ll see what comes of it.

That’s certainly all true. It would thrill me to see the Razorbacks in the top 15 in recruiting (or as high as possible, but within a year or two something reasonable), using all of their scholarships, because of the desirability of being an Arkansas Razorback.

The football team did get one free one. Jake Yurachek is not on scholarship. His dad gets a tuition break as a staffer. Chandler would, too. But I doubt they do that. He deserves a scholarship.