Is JFB able to be JJ presenter for HOF ?

Just wondering,

I would doubt that. Travel would be difficult. I believe it’s in the heat. Coach Broyles pops in at games on days he feels better than others but it’s a day to day thing when he’s feeling up to it. He stays around family most of the time. I don’t think there is any public speaking.

I sat next to his granddaughter at an event last week & asked her how he was doing. She said he’s “fine” but he stays home most of the time & has a fairly regimented schedule. He doesn’t see many people. Tough to think of him in this stage of life.

They can video jfb as a presenter

I do not think he could do a proper presentation. He would be reading. That’s not his style.

I would not have predicted Coach Broyles as his presenter 10 years ago, much less now. He has not been involved in Jerry’s life or career in quite some time.

I would figure Steve Jones as presenter, or possibly someone like Troy Aikman, a former player still in public eye.

Here’s one opinion on who the presenter should be . . . but I don’t think there’s any way it will be Jimmy. … 24994.html

I’d also include daughter Charlotte as a ‘dark horse’. She is the Cowboys’ executive vice president/ chief brand officer. … 95449.html

Jerry’s presenter will be his wife, Gene.

We will all be orphans when this giant man leaves us.