Is Javon on Campus yet?

And do we know when we might get some other Hoops visitors in?


Is it normal for a recruit to be on a visit and the coaches not be there? Mike was at the State Tourney. I’m sure the other coaches are also “watching” some games

Perhaps he arrives tomorrow for the game and stays through Sunday

Pretty confident he isn’t

Is he visiting today RD?

He aint comin’.

What happened?

looks like Javon will not be coming to Arkansas. Explains other offers that have been released lately.

They’re working on some dates with kids. I think once the season is over they’ll start hosting.

Check his offer list, that should help answer your question.

Gas, did we back off him or the other way around?

I would imagine we cancelled the visit but not sure why unless the injury isn’t healed all the way. I really wanted this one.

I think this was probably staff backing off, Javon is still recovering from injury, they need guys that will be 100% coming in next year, we already dealt with Phillips and Embery-Simpson coming in this year with injuries, and I believe that hurt us. It’s no secret staff needs to win next year, so I’m sure they are going to focus on guys that can come in and be an immediate impact, they don’t have time to let guys work their way to 100%.

I haven’t been paying much attention lately. Trying to figure out the cryptic comments. Did we drop him? Is he getting bigger offers and so dropping us?