Is Jarrod Barnes redshirting because

He’s not ready or because he was wasted last year, or both?


Define wasted?

It would appear both.

He played a couple of snaps in the first game of last year but that was it. NCAA wouldn’t let him redshirt because of it.

Has a final decision been made to redshirt him? I was going to ask in this forum if any thought had been given to putting him at RB to give us more depth–just in case. And if not, given that he isn’t playing at WR, is he just not panning out like we thought he might. But I guess this thread answers the latter question.

It would appear that he is not going to play enough to redshirt.

If he made a position move, I am sure it would be in the spring and not now.

If he can’t get on the field as a WR or kick returner, I doubt he would crack the top three at RB.