Is it true NTS would have needed to

Anybody have a 20 second replay of this mess.

IMO Since the refs knew if that guy would have got his neck broke on the play heads would be rolling.

What if we had to wait 20 minutes for the kid to be carried off on a stretcher?

Law suits, that’s what.

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Great point, that player could have taken a career ending injury, I think very little of a coach that would put his player in that position. Also,parents of recruits that have committed to play for them go in knowing it’s all about winning at any cost ! WPS

I find it disappointing that anyone that values the game finds that play to be brilliant.

Now that would’ve been LOW class… Just cause we got fooled is no reason to act like a’holes.
BTW, I DEFINITELY would’ve tipped off the referee you intended to do the fake FC. The worst thing that could’ve happened for NTSU would be to have faked out the ref too! Had he blown the whistle, the play would’ve been over…
VERY common to alert the officials on something like that.

Dude never even feinted a FC…it was a legit play on their part… Please don’t try to make out like NTSU did ANYTHING wrong on that play…

We got pee’d on. Dude took a chance and burned us!.. There was nothing about that play that even hinted he was calling a fair catch except his body language… We should not in any way be trying to disparage NTSU or Brewer for the awesome play he made, at our expense…

I disagree, I watched the guy wave his right hand then his left hand, he did not raise them, but I believe it was part of his dupe. To say it is awesome is kind of like saying stealing is awesome, if you can get away with it.

The hypothetical huge hit on a dude just standing there is the reason I don’t like that play.

Coaches talk and talk about “player safety”. I call BS on that with UNT. The trick did work…but if Grant Morgan cuts that kid in half because he realizes “hey, no whistle blew…I’m killing this guy”…explain to me how that is “safe?”

I know the answer already.

Its not.

I listen to the Ticket (the original, in Dallas) during drive-time to and from work, and both of the morning hosts went to school at N. Texas and are huge Mean Green fans. They had an entire segment on this today, and as you can imagine, they think it’s the greatest play ever. They had a brief interview with the return guy during the segment, and he said he had been coached to wave his hands a little but only below should height. And he said he was very scared when it was called on the sideline, because he feared getting blown up.

It turns out that someone on the North Texas staff came from N. Carolina, and that’s where they got the play. Ryan Switzer, who Dallas drafted last year as a return guy, tried it in a game against Wake Forest when he was at UNC. In that instance, he did not signal for a fair catch and got blown up, but to add insult to injury, Switzer was flagged for giving an illegal fair catch signal (even though he gave no signal at all). I think the play Saturday should have been blown dead - but, if not, UNT should have been flagged for Unsportsmanlike conduct. And this, even though the coach had informed the officials before the game. He might have also informed them that he was planning on spraying the field with DDT - something else that’s not prohibited in the rule book - but that doesn’t mean the refs have to go along if common sense and football ethics say that they shouldn’t.

Those of you supporting it, let me ask you this. If the play was so clever and a “correct” football play, then WHY is the NCAA already discussing not allowing it? There is one reason, and one reason only - it’s NOT football and it devalues everything about the safety of the player that football has been trying to get rid of for the past decade.

And I’d say the same thing if WE had pulled the play. I’ll say again as I’ve said in every thread I’ve discussed this play that UNT was the better football team and deserved the win with or without this play. And living in DFW, I actually kind of like UNT and wish them success (outside of playing us, of course). I wanted their coach to be on our search list last year. So none of this is “sour grapes” because they beat us. Do I like that we lost? Of course not. But this is a discussion of football principles, plain and simple. Has nothing to do with who was involved, and everything to do with how it was executed and the implications thereof. … -arkansas/

Exactly. Hats off to the UNT staff for coming up with a trick play that worked to perfection. That still doesn’t change the idea that it was a high risk for player safety. Indeed, the safety factor is why the NCAA needs to ban it. How are you going to blame a coverage team that smashes the returner if they aren’t sure about the fair catch? Nobody will want to be caught off guard with this.

There are lots of plays that used to be legal but no longer are. Horse collar tackles, blocking below the waist, leading with the helmet or targeting the head…We need a rule.

Good info again. The prior post from someone else, earlier, suggesting there was nothing signaling fair catch except body language was just dead wrong.

It was obvious on the replay he simulated arm movement (but not over the head) to give the impressive of a fair catch. And, he keyed confirmed it in an interview.

It was chicken S that goes against the spirit of the rules and should have been called. They knew it was coming. They knew he was simulating a bogus fair catch. And yet they let it go.

If Morgan had firm tackled him to the ground at full speed, without targeting, and destroyed him he would have been flagged for a PF and maybe ejected. So, it wasn’t brilliant it was weak.

They dominated us but don’t tell me it was some genius play. They were just the only sheisters willing to risk a player’s career and bank on the cover team actually abiding by the now over-they-top player safety rules that are very punitive.

And, really don’t tell me that if you think he couldn’t/shouldn’t been lit up on the same play. That’s exactly why it was a clown play.

They can run the Cracker Jack garbage but we still have to exercise extreme caution on coverage? Nope. That went away with the purposely simulated non fair catch.

Instead of trash talking him the next time, Dalton should have lit him up like a Christmas Tree. That wouldn’t have been low class that would have been making sure you weren’t duped on a clown play again that you’re gonna be mocked about for eternity.

I do too. False bravado garbage.

Had they had a guy lay down and then thrown across he field like TCU did and have a sort of Music City miracle I woukd say brilliant play—you snooze you lose. But that’s not at all what Hogs did. They covered it. They broke down. They were even talking to the player who gave himself up. And then they got burned.

They should have tackled him, I guess but the applauding if purposeful jacking with rules designed to keep players from getting Rawleigh Williamsed is misplaced and Franks weird.