Is it true NTS would have needed to

tip the officials off that they were NOT going to call a fair check. So u move both hand just ever so slightly. But not a fair a catch.

Is it true the Rules committee looking at this. That guy could have bee decapitated. Actually a chicken poop call buy their coaches to even allow it.

Thoughts? Tommy Craft bring that up?? Players safety comes first.???

Yes, they alerted the refs.

You have to raise your hand up above your head for a fair catch.

He did not.

Marty Biagi looked at film and thought it would work.

It did.

I thought it was brilliant.

If we had succeeded running it we all would have been very proud. Get over it.

Ok the refs were alerted.

Here is a question? What if a Hog had separated the player from his helmet so to speak, would the alerted refs have not thrown a flag and ejected him? Say it was a legal hit, but he takes out the player PRETENDING to give himself up. No flag huh? I have my doubts.

I thought it was Chicken-sheet.

Unless he targeted him with the crown of his helmet, I think he would have been fine.

I’d have taken the 15 for unnecessary roughness on the next one for sure.

If an Arkansas player had barreled down the field and hit the returner without slowing down, the returner could have been hurt very badly. There would be an uproar about hitting a defenseless player at full speed. The penalty would be the least talked-about part of the play. I can’t believe any responsible coach would place a player in that position, even if the player was dumb enough to do it.

We should have just tackled him. We had a player standing right in front of him. You need to play to the whistle. Obviously we missed that session of coaching.

Apparently Grant Morgan even asked the returner as he was standing there why the refs didnt blow the whistle. To me, that says a whole lot about each team.

Morris should’ve told the punt return defenders the next time we punted to splatter the UNT returner, regardless of any fair catch signal. One chicken s*** incident of playing the game the wrong way deserves another. Just like in baseball. Stare at a home run, take a little chin music the next at bat.

I had read nothing about the Mean Green alerting the officials, but I was sure that had happened. I remember Crouching Hog, Hidden Fish. The Hogs had told the officials about that before the game.

I saw nothing wrong with the play from the opponents side. No, the returner never signaled a fair catch. Arkansas spit the bit.

It was executed by NTS to perfection. And busting the punt returner on the next fair catch would be a horrible response.

Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to a well called and executed play.

And teach your guys to play until the whistle is blown.

We were preached that in Jr. High.

He moved his hand up to his forehead and pretended to give himself up. Jr. high is right but definitely Chicken S----.

that return guy waved both his hands to dupe our players, he did not raise his hands over his shoulders like the rule reads. He exploited a rule that was put in place for his safety, and for the officials to says it is okay to play it that way, encourages someone to get their head taken off, the next time they don’t get their hand high enough, and I would bet my last dollar, their will be a unsportsmanlike penalty and probably and ejection, probably called by the same ref that was tipped off on that play. Nothing brilliant about cheating the rules.

I agree with lrc and hawg in that we should take the 15 yd penalty the next punt. There was more confusion on another punt fair catch. From the players angle, they are running full spead to get to the ball avoiding blocks and hoping they don’t get blindsided hoping to see the fair catch wave. Can the defenders try to take the ball away from the person catching the ball if it happens again? How should the coaches handle that the rest of the season?

I would tell my players, punt return to tell the ref I’ve kind of got a cold. Both ears stopped up. No matter what the punt returner did I would literally MOW the guy down. Not helmet to helmet or to the head and MOW the guy over. knock him about 5 years from outer space. Like a hockey goon.

Still say it’s chicken poop actions.

OR just casually walk over by the ref and tell him the guy receiving this sure punt better watch out…

Id’s use this to FIRE up my players it’s WAR time!!

Completely agree. They exploited the rules designed to keep players safe. All you need to know about how bush league it was is the fact they’re probably going to change the rule very quickly.

The biggest problem I had with it was that it exploited a player safety rule. And, they also simulated (as much as they could get away with it) a fair catch by moving the arms close to, but not over the head.

It was a completely bush league play mainly because it manipulated a player safety rule.

If you want to run a trick play (like TCU did), have at it. But, you shouldn’t be able to manipulate player safety rules and have the refs in on it when, had they Punt cover team splattered him after he “gave himself up” by stopping, they would have tossed the tackler out of the game.

They whipped us all day and we still should have covered it but there wasn’t anything brilliant about the play. It manipulated the player safety rules when players are getting thrown out of games for next to nothing.

THIS RULE IS going to be changed pretty quick.

Get me some lawyers and hit the NCAA with.

Let’s just say 1 player didn’t hear a whistle so he plows the guy over. Bad deal he dreaks a leg, or his back.

Remember the Refs knew the plan.

Here comes the law suits. Ref’s didn’t help protect the players, a sitting duck. A completely legal hit.

Bet lawyers are looking at that now. And the league.

Hey Ref sure hope that punt returner watches out. Meaning no harm in return. Just small talk.

Biagi is apparently a bright young coach - I remember him from the time he was here.

But c’mon . . . that play, executed as it was (with the refs clued in) would have worked against just about any team in the country, unless they had some wild-assed maverick that ignored common sense and blew the guy up (remember Marquell Wade vs. Vandy a few years ago?). But it was still a chickensh*t call that should not be legal - and won’t be much longer.

You aren’t going to change his mind. You and others have accurately detailed at length all the factors that made it bush league and he still thinks it was brilliant and that Hogs just got their pants pulled down.

And, in a week or 2 or in the off-season the rule will be changed because it goes against everything they are trying to do in the sport and exploited a rule designed to keep players safe by banking on (partially) being able to do it because no one would blow them up due to the new overemphasis on those rules.

It was as Cracker Jack as it gets. They completely dominated us and it’s not why they won but there was zero that was brilliant about it.