Is it to much to ask....

for the guys getting paid to talk about the game…TO TALK ABOUT THE GAME.

The Perlman clown and the other dude go on and on and on about everything - OTHER THAN THE GAME.

Am I just getting grumpy and old? Is this driving anyone else nuts?

They are both terrible. That’s why they are doing SEC network plus games. Both of them need to find a new career

Too: relating to how much, i.e., too little, too late, too much, etc.
To: begins a prepositional phrase (to the gym, to the store), or an infinitive (to run, to write, to be)
Two: a number greater than one but less than three

People who are grammar police on message boards (or Facebook) drive me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I have very good friends who fall into that category. My opinion is for something as “informal” as a message board or Facebook, the key is, did you convey your intended message to the intended recipient? If you did, mission accomplished. But, to each his own.

I will make an exception, when people say “I could care less” and they mean “I couldn’t care less” that does bug me, even though I do know what they mean!

I have trained myself not to comment on grammar errors and most spelling errors. But I do notice and think about it. I just can’t help it. But this is funny.

As with most things in life, when it comes to broadcasting, you pay for what you get.

afraid to end your statement with a preposition? :wink:

That definitely crossed my mind after reading this thread. :lol:

Love that. Which reminds me of a favorite quote from “Designing Women.” One of them was talking to a woman from up North and said, “We are you from?” The person responded with “I am from where we don’t end our sentences with a preposition.” To which the southern lady responded, “Oh, excuse me, where are you from, b___.”

I know the quote isn’t exact, but that is basically it!

haha Grammar police. It was his first post on the board too.

My version of this is similar. Country boy is lost, roaming around downtown Boston, when he encounters a Harvard student. CB to Harvie: “Can you tell me where the bus station’s at?” Harvie to CB: “I go to Harvard, and at Harvard we don’t end our sentences with a preposition.” CB: “OK then, can you tell me where the bus station’s at, a____e?”

As for the broadcasting options, Perlman seems to have the Syracuse disease of being overly impressed with his own voice, and I have no idea how this Simeon guy got to talk on air at anything beyond a campus radio station (and he might miss the cut at some of those too).

Are you watching the game or listening on the radio. I go to most games so don’t listen and when I’m home, I don’t need to hear anything. I just want to watch. Radio, though, would be different. However, the few times I have had to resort to radio, I thought it was fine.

We all have things that bug us and many certainly don’t correct typos. But, as my professor once said “it’s called English. We speak it!”. I don’t see many typos on this board get corrected.

I make a lot of typos I expect. Lots of reasons: (1) I am a pretty bad typist. (2) My brain goes faster than my fingers. If I don’t reread and reread carefully it is amazing to me how many times I have left out whole words from what I was intending to say or similar mistakes. (3) I am among the worlds worst spellers. Computer spell check has helped with that, but, it won’t pick up if you accidentally type a real word! (4) Even though I do try to review what I have typed for typos, etc., I tend to read what I MEANT to type as opposed to what I really typed!

Yep, why I have so many issues with you. Can’t type a word without you trying to correct me. Dang police ;)-

Watching on ESPN3. Not complaining about Chuck or Coach Zimmerman.