Is it time to re-visit move to Big XII?

Glaringly obvious we are not even close with talent level last night. IMO we will never be able to recruit with top of conference. Even Ole Miss has a lot more talent than Hogs right now. IMO we are down with KY, MO, MSU, and Vandy . On the other hand I think we would be in upper tier of Big XII right now. At least we could compete better on and off the field. I know we always seem to get better as season progresses but last night was embarrassing. Men against boys. I don’t see us matching up well against Rebs either. They will pass at will on our pathetic Defense. They have far better athletes on defense so I don’t see us running the ball effectively enough to open up passing. Boys we are in trouble.

Worst post ever. Defeatist attitude

I disagree that it is the worst post ever. It may be somewhat negative, but in football we are rebuilding every year it would seem. In other sports we are right there. However, I am not so sure with football.

Worst post ever? Who appointed you moderator? I had an opinion and I expressed it. What game did you watch last night? I hope we beat OM but you can’t deny they have more talent (cheating or not).

Talent in the SEC comes in tiers as it does it does in most leagues. In ours there is Bama. Then a good way back comes A&M and LSU. Currently the 3rd tier is large, changes a bit from year to year, is way back of Bama and not at all far behind the 2nd tier. That is where we are. Then there is Vandy and UK. Not real sure where Missouri falls. They have been up but are currently down. Changing coaches tends to do that.

We have been able to beat LSU on effort and coaching. Losing to A&M for the same reasons. Last year we won more than we lost in our tier. This year remains to be seen. We have proven we can score but have also proven we can’t stop people. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

Maybe it is a defeatist attitude. But it’s easier to win games in that conference, and the pollsters and national media don’t seem to care too much. They still rank them high, they still get good bowl games, Gameday still visits…

We shouldn’t leave the SEC right now, but how many years of fair-to-middling are we going to put up with before it becomes something more fans are willing to talk about?

At a certain point, after so many years, I think you have to move from calling it “quitting” to something a little more open-minded that will at least allow some constructive thought.

We’re not there yet, maybe that’s many many years away. Maybe not.

Considering the way we play defense against spread hurry up teams I don’t know if going to the Big 12 would be a good move.

No way we move th Big 12. That conference is on shaky ground for the future(no matter what their comish says) plus you’ve got the big bully in Austin with the LHN.

SEC is where we belong. Can’t walk away from all that $$. We either raise our talent level or we’re gonna keep having 7-5 seasons.

Big 12 is on very shaky ground. It is not likely to survive past the end of its current TV contract.

Not to mention it would be putting ourselves back under the thumb of the Fightin’ Fallopians.

Not only no, but h-e-double-hockey-sticks no.

That would be the most idiotic decision ever made. I wonder if fans even pay attention to what’s going on. You do realize the Big 12 may not be around much longer? Geez.

Anyone that even thinks this could be a remote possibility isn’t in tune with the football landscape at all. I’m sorry but you aren’t. Absolutely entitled to your opinion; it just isn’t an informed one.

Not No, but He$$ NO…

I have No idea how Frank had the foresight to make the move. Maybe he was sick and tired of Texas more that we knew. But he got that call right.

Best move we have ever made.

I despise this post.

Let’s leave NATO too. World’s to tough.

In a word, no. If we move, let’s just go ahead and move to the Sun Belt. If the reason to move is to win more games, let’s go where we can win them all :roll:

The Big 12 is not for us for the many reasons that have already been stated. But let’s say we moved to the Big 12. While our recruiting may not fit the SEC gold standard, we do get some of our talent because we play in the SEC. That same talent very well might not be here to play in the Big 12. So if the recruiting dropped off any just because we were in the Big 12, then there’s no guarantee that we could win there, either. We’re in the best conference; let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak.

It’s absurd to talk about moving to the Big 12. Might as well talk about moving to DII.

I agree with Scottagee about the talent tiers in this conference & where we are at present. However, things change over time. The schools with inherent advantages will always be near the top. Those like us, who always have to overcome greater recruiting obstacles, can win it all from time to time, but over time won’t do as well unless there’s some unforeseeable sea change.

I’d love to see us replace Alabama as the dominant program in college football, but that’s not happening. However, I’m optimistic this coach can get us to a level where we can win big & even win the SEC. I won’t predict that, but it’s something I can see happening. We’ve been close in the past. Just need to recruit the best we can & hope we find enough players floating beneath the radar to become better.

I also agree things change over time. And no we will not replace Alabama. Will Alabama be replaced? Not replaced but pushed down just a bit. Like the years they had between Stallings and Saban. But who rose up? Look at the list, it’s a group of traditional powers with exception of Tennessee and possibly Florida St although they have maintained their status. Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, USC. Look at the coaches associated with those years. It’s a who’s who of coaching.

Now can an interloper(Arkansas, Okl. St., Louisville) sneak in and grab a title? I believe it is possible but a perfect storm has to come together. Said team must be very talented with a senior team developed over time. The leagues top two traditional powers would have to be down a bit or throw in a bad game against said team. Even then in a playoff situation it’s gonna be tough.

So what do we want? 9-3 is a very good year in our league. A chance at 11-1 every few years is great. Our players graduate, don’t get arrested and become productive citizens for our state. Can we live with this? We better be able to or we will run off some very good coaches who are also good men.

Go to the Big 12? No way no how.

I personally don’t want to go to the Big 12, but if we did we’d probably be no better in that conference than we are in this one. Recruiting matters. Read RD and Dudley’s posts when they interview a kid. Almost everyone of them mentions us being in the SEC and the SEC is the best. That gets these kids interested, if we get them here we have a chance. Problem is, if we were in the B12, those kids wouldn’t come here. So, we’d be talking about the same issues in a worse conference. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

Arkansas doesn’t need to be in the Big 12 to be able to win. We’ve seen the Razorbacks play in too many SEC Championship Games, have too many good seasons to know that.

The Big 12 is not somewhere you want to be right now. My guess is that conference will either be extinct or a shell of former self in five years or so. If Oklahoma bolts, others probably will, too, and the conference will crumble.

Absolutely NOT.

Rise to the level.

Don’t drop down to a lower level.