Is it Storey time yet?

Looks like Cole’s season is over and while Austin is to be commended for his gutsy performance Saturday, it is clear that he can’t throw the deep ball or get much zip on the shorter throws. It’s so sad to see him resembling his brother circa 2013. I’m sure Austin will get the start if he can lift that right arm above his head, but I hope he is on a short leash. At this point, we may as well see what Ty can do.

If Storey gets some reps this week, I hope they work on him getting rid of the ball in 2.5 to 3 seconds. He, like so many other inexperienced QBs, tends to hang on a bit longer with the result being unfavorable. A clock needs to be in these guys heads if they don’t have the experience to sense the pocket and the rush. Although Storey hasn’t shown blinding speed when I’ve watched him, he was a good runner in high school. Maybe that is his calling. Too bad it has to be against two of the hottest teams in the SEC.

If he can throw the long ball accurately then let’s give him a shot! Heard quite a bit about his throwing motion out of high school but I don’t care if he throws like Matt Dillion draws from the hip, let’s reward him for his dedication if nothing else, he may be the only healthy and sober Qb available . WPS

My office buddies were commenting about how BA was thrown to the wolves during the Missouri game a few years ago. He was hurt and BB should have put someone else in. I do not think that AA is 100% but yet i imagine no matter how bad it gets, AA will stay in. This was before the CK getting suspended story came out. I think AA is limited in throwing passes. That is just my opinion. He may be healthy but I just don’t see it. Let’s hope if he struggles, that BB will put Storey in when needed but who really knows at this point.

It is obvious Austin Allen is not healed from the shoulder injury. In the LSU game, his throws did not have the velocity they normally do. He is a very good deep ball passer and that throw he under threw to Jordan Jones for a touchdown was woefully short and weak. If we have to go to Ty Storey, it is going to be a long, long, long day.

A good coach should have the third team qb ready. Matt Campbell did at Norman and won. If he plays a hurt AA, the defense won’t have to defend the passes they know he can’t throw and concentrate on our run game. Storey has paid his dues. Give him a chance.

I’ve always thought that BA was left in the Mizzou game because CBB was hoping BA would have that magical confidence boosting moment, win the game, and that would carry over into his senior year. It didn’t happen. BA’s magical confidence boosting moment didn’t come until game 7 the next year in the 4OT win vs. Auburn. Once it came, we won 6 out of the last 7, including the bowl win. Imagine what kind of year 2015 could have been had that moment come during the Mizzou game the year before. I really think that’s why CBB took a chance and left him in the game. He needed that moment.

I think we will have to wait an see whether Cole is back for Missouri. If things go as expected I hope the staff gives Storey a chance to come in and play some this week, if for no other reason than to help Ty sell himself later.

austin allen is going to start saturday and he was going to start last saturday against lsu did not matter if Kelley was hurt or not Enos plays his senior quarterbacks first

BA should have been removed early in the Mizzou game because he had no mobility and could have really been
hurt. That was a poor coaching decision after seeing what he was going through and still hard for me to understand.

ty should get a shot

FSU used 3rd string qb on regular basis during their championship runs and he was most popular guy on the team

i also know of arkansas winning a homecoming game not too long ago with a 3rd string qb

we were told cole and ty were 2a and 2b… maybe that “coachspeak”

i want him to play
we are not very good.he cant make it that much worse
he deserves it too in my opininon
if AA not 100%. if he cant throw the deep ball… ty needs to play