Is it really that bad? Looking at Robb Smith's Defenses by the Numbers

It is worse than I thought.

Robb Smith took over the defense in 2014. That year the defense was 27th in the country in yards per rushing attempt, 3.6 yards per carry. They were 85th in the country at 7.2 yards per passing attempt. I think we all felt that the defense was trending in the right direction.

Then, in 2015, it went sideways a bit, but you could justify it by some key losses on the defensive line and linebackers. Arkansas was 35th in the country in yards per rushing attempt, 3.8. Not bad. However, we surrendered 8.3 passing yards per attempt last year, good for 116th in the country. Only New Mexico State, Tulane, North Texas, Wyoming, Ball State, Kansas, UTEP, UCF, Texas State, Rutgers, SMU, and Rice were worse.

This year the train has completely gone off the rails. This defense is a tire fire. A sieve. A charity powder puff team trying to raise money for a new squat rack.

This year, a team with 9 returning starters on defense, Arkansas ranks dead last in the country, 128, in yards per rushing attempt, 6.4. [color=#FF0000]Not dead last in the SEC, but dead last in the country. Nobody is worse than the Arkansas defense at stopping the run in the entire country. Nobody[/color]. In regards to passing defense, Arkansas ranks 74th in the country, giving up 7.4 yards per passing attempt. Only UGA is worse in yards per pass attempt in the SEC.

So there you have it. We are halfway through Robb Smith’s 3rd year and the defense is on a decline. There are no La Tech, Alcorn State, or Texas State remaining on the schedule. Luckily UF, LSU, Mizzou and Miss State don’t exactly have high powered offenses, but I am not sure that matters much.

I’ll ask it again. If these trends hold and Arkansas finishes in the bottom third in the SEC in yards per play allowed, [color=#000000]with nine returning starters on defense[/color], what will Robb Smith have done to justify his job?

*** All stats were obtained from: … on/defense

Finally found this. Defensive yards per play allowed … s-per-play

2014 - Arkansas finished 40 out of 128, allowing 5.2 yards per play.
2015 - Arkansas finished 88 out of 128, allowing 5.8 yards per play.
2016 - Arkansas is tied at 124 out of 128, allowing 6.8 yards per play. [color=#0040FF]Only Rice and Texas Tech are worse.[/color]

NOTE: The stats on this page include data ONLY from games involving two FBS schools.

He’ll have done nothing to justify his job. You’re absolutely right.

Since we’re discussing the employment status of the DC I’d like to ask four questions:

1)Who hired Rob Smith?

  1. Who promoted him and made him the highest paid DC in Razorback history?

  2. Who signs off on every defensive signee we’ve had the past theee years?

  3. What responsibility does the answer to questions 1 and 2 bear for Arkansas having the worst defense in the SEC?

I agree with you, but IMO it is to early to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Here is another sad number. 4.5. This is tackles per loss per game.

We are 115th out of 128th in the country. Mizzou and UGA average 4.4 tackles for loss per game. The only two teams worse in the SEC.

Baylor is 6th in the country at 8.8 per game. Baylor. Penn State, Miami, obviously aTM, are all in the top 5.