Is it possible?

That we are ever a top 20 program on a consistent basis again? Seems like there are teams now that achieve success so quickly and yet we chase it but seem to get in our own way. How can programs that have no tradition, no arena, not even close to the fanbase Arkansas has become relevant? TCU is a perfect example, another is Texas Tech, or SMU, or Baylor who has been rolling for years. I’m sure I’ll get bashed for posting this but I’m asking what is holding is back. Is it players or is it coaching, sure we have been to NCAA but not last 2nd round in over 20 years…

You should not bashed for asking this question because as much as none of us want to admit it, it is a legit question.

I am a child of Sutton and Richardson eras.

The program was not hoping to be a perennial NCAA program, it was one.

And many programs wanted to be us.

No shame in losing to State and Auburn back to back.

But whether TCU or Texas Tech or Auburn or others it seems guys are coming in and creating NCAA programs quickly. Some may be cheating and maybe they get caught.

But Arkansas is a proven power.

Even if it likes to forget at times.

Bush, Arkansas was a power under Richardson. Not anymore… right now we are a mediocre SEC program. I really don’t know what the problem is. We have the reputation and facilities. Could it be recruiting and coaching? If we don’t make the tournament this year, CMA tenure may end.


It’s hard to win on the road. Now the MSU game was played 8 vs 5 but AU had the hogs number yesterday. They seemed tired.