Is it now safe to book my plane tickets to Fayetteville...

for next weekend’s regional?

Matt/Clay, what say you?

You bet

No doubt about it.

I’d book non-refundable first-class seats.


Book it Dano!

Yes, but you might also need to worry about tickets because Baum will be packed.

True, but I think they’re pretty good about selling those general admission outfield tickets. They’re not the greatest of “seats”, but you’re in the stadium. Besides, I could tell from sitting out there with SwineFusion a couple of years ago that our catcher made the tag on the Mo St runner coming in from third base. The umpire who was much closer didn’t see it nearly as well as I did. :smiley:

$$$ was fronted for tickets at the mid-way point of the SEC season (when the Pigs were atop the SEC standings); just wanted to see if Matt/Clay had a mole inside the selection committee.

Went ahead and booked airfare 15 minutes before first pitch of the game with the wallets. Was feeling pretty good with that call by the 2nd! :slight_smile: Apparently my confidence inspired the Team’s performance! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember that call, Chip. I also remember those ants dogpiling on the mound after Zach Jackson struck out Tate Matheny.