Is it not blocking or not knowing the playbook.............

…that is holding back Jamario Bell and Will Gragg? The top JC Tight End in the nation is on the way, O’Grady, Cantrell, and Gunther have passed them by. Jamario has gone to extra mile to spend spring break with J.J. Meadors in Little Rock trying to improve, so at least he has not given up. It has to be:

  1. They have not learned to block well enough to play tight end at Arkansas,
  2. they haven’t learned the playbook well enough to eliminate bad plays, or
  3. they are playing to the best of their abilities but they are just not the athletes that many of us thought they were.

or it is something else. I think sometimes the step up, not in overall athleticism that they see, but rather the step up in the physicality needed, is what keeps them from progressing. The intensity at the college level of the physical one on one nature is more than a step up, it is probably more like going to “Eleven” and some guys may not like that.

It can be a lot of things. I think coaches see the overall work ethic, learning of the playbook, lifting weights, taking care of class room business, getting extra work to learn. I think when everything comes together, they can be the players we want them to be. But not until then. I doubt it’s ever just one thing.

No one can coast, or just do it halfway. No one is seldom that good. And, the best athletes are usually the ones who are also working the hardest. Generally, they are hard workers. So when you have that combination – and that’s what Bielema demands – then anything close to a short cut can derail you.

Bielema and staff zero in on players who think about their game like I do my golf game. My best swing = how good I am. Never mind all the other problems. Did you see that drive?