Is it me or...

Is the officiating horrible in this game. We’re getting hacked under basket (Thomas) and get no calls, every time we sneeze on briscoe we get called for a foul. Then the ref looking at the Kentucky player out of bounds and doesn’t call anything. Every time we get momentum they call a ticky-tack foul on us.

Yea surprise surprise Cal gets his way always

What was the call on Barford?

Travel I think

I like how they called that after he scored. This is ridiculous. If this game was called half-way fair we’d be winning right now. Does the NCAA offices not look at this stuff? I’m particular talking about when we were about to make a run and the Kentucky guy runs out of bounds and the ref is looking directly at him and he doesn’t make a call.

Why is this so shocking to everyone? I’ve never seen the refs call an even game at Rupp

Looked like a travel…but the whistle wasn’t blown til after ball went thru the basket. Then they missed an obvious walk on their big man before the dunk and foul.

It shocked me that the announcers actually questioned a couple of the calls against us, I mean they are from ESPN

Terrible. Barford got hit first and that caused the travel and the call was extremely late.

True this

I watch a lot of college basketball, I can’t think of a situation of a ref calling a basket off that late after he scored. He scored, grabbed the ball, threw it to the Kentucky guy to inbounds, and then the ref calls it off.

I think it’s time for CMA to channel his inner Nolan second half if this continues.

It was called so late I didn’t even hear what they called

It should have been an “and 1” and we’d be tied at the half. Can’t complain too much as they’ve called 12 fouls on each team. They are just blowing their whistles too frequently.

I’ve waited for that since he took over for Nolan in 02, don’t think it’ll happen

I think the big problem is the inconsistency. It’s hard to play when they are so inconsistent with the calls.

One of Kentucky’s players was completely out of bounds when he caught the ball and it was a no call. You just can’t miss calls like those.

He’s looking directly at him and it’s not even close, half his body is out of bounds lol.

It’s not you, these imposters are robbing us!! I hate complaining about officiating but these guys are terrible.

That guy is the main one making bad calls

It’s not just the fouls it’s the out of bounds, dead ball dunks and double T (when Fox pushed JB) that bothers me.