Is it just my erroneous thinking?

or are we giving up a lot more walks and hit batters than in previous years? Actually, it seems like other teams are having the same problem. Do you “experts” see the same thing? If so, is it the cool temperatures (meaning that it will probably greatly improve as it gets warmer) or what?

Hit batters are about the same. Walks are a lot higher than previous years’ averages, but it’s a small sample size.

Thanks Mr. Matt. Hopefully we will soon see a vast improvement!

These are rough numbers, per nine innings. Keep in mind last year’s season was 16 games and there have been 17 this year. There were 60-plus games in the three previous seasons.

2017: 3.3 BB, 0.9 HBP
2018: 3.4 BB, 0.5 HBP
2019: 3.7 BB, 0.9 HBP
2020: 3.2 BB, 0.7 HBP
2021: 4.5 BB, 0.9 HBP

Thanks Mr. Matt! Actually I had thought that it was worse than your figures show to be the case, but clearly these numbers need to improve. Obviously being ranked #2 in the nation in spite of these numbers means that we are doing something right. Thanks again for your insight and for going to the trouble to answer my question in such detail!

One thing about small sample sizes is they’re easy to skew. That horrible inning against Bama is enough to throw off the season stats so far. Later in the season, not such a difference. I’m remembering a BWS game against Moo U a couple of years back where the Humpers walked 16 or something ridiculous.

A perfect example of how small sample size affects stats:

The Memphis pitcher who came in in the eighth had an ERA of 0.00 having pitched 2/3 of an inning. Before that inning was over his ERA was at 54.0, and I think he wound up over 45

Amazing how great he was & how bad he became just over the course of 1/3 of an inning. :rofl:

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