Is it just me?

Or is anyone else getting a really big kick out of Ole Miss, the preseason #1, falling completely out of the polls? They keep it up, they might not even make the NCAA, much less host.

We’ve had problems with them over the past few years. I’d love to sweep their butts right out of Baum in a couple of weeks.

(Yeah, I know we have more immediate issues–like A&M this week–but it’s never too soon to enjoy Ole Missus having problems.)


Called up the real RPI list today (the NCAA one), updated this morning. SEC listings are as follows:

Tennessee 1
Georgia 3 (?)
Vandy 11
Florida 12
Arkansas 20 (up 10 spots)
Auburn 27
Misery 29
Bama 30
LSU 33
Aggies 36

Ten SEC teams in the top 40, but none from the third world country known as Mississippi.

Proceeding downward…
Ole Miss finally shows up at #55
Poultry 62
Kentucky 70
And Moo U in 80th. The defending natty may not make the field, much less host.

Also based on league standings, two teams won’t make it to Hoover. Those two are pretty much eliminated from NCAA consideration regardless of their RPI (and the RPI won’t be that good if they’re bottom-feeding in the standings in five weeks).

The current bottom feeders are Misery, the Flopnecks and Kentucky, all at 5-10, but Moo U, Florida and SoCar are only a game ahead of those three at the halfway point. Two of those six ain’t gonna get to Hoover.


Ole Miss failing to make it to Hoover would be nice to see. Is it the bottom feeder of each east and west or the bottom 2 in the conference that don’t make it to Hoover!

Bottom two overall.

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