Is It Just Me?

It seems to me this game is so critical for BB and team even though it’s only the second game. If we beat TCU and A/M we could be headed to a nine win plus season, but if we falter it could be a scramble to salvage a 6/6 season. The fan base will drift (or worse) after last year’s finish with a loss. Am I wrong thinking about all the dark shadows if we don’t beat TCU? I believe we win the game but there’s a whole lot riding on the outcome.

It’s not just you; the TCU and A&M games hold the key to our season.

Win both, and we should be operating with maximum confidence for our road swing through S. Carolina and Alabama. Lose both and we will have difficulty winning enough games to go Bowling. A split would probably mean we are on track for another season like the last 2 or 3.

Not must win but need the wins to improve the implosion of last year.
If the hogs beat TCU this weekend the A&M game will be more relaxed for the players. It would be nice to roll into the Bama game without a loss

I’m pretty much seeing the way you do

As another poster wrote - wins again st TCU and Tex A&M and the team will be confident - Going into the heart of the schedule

They win and beating USC is not out of the question

Our Razorbacks fail early they will be the underhog in every SEC game they play a toss up vs Mizzou

In effect - we are becoming “Kansas” of the big XII but without the basketball history

Coach Bret needs a break out year and I think it starts with TCU this weekend

We need somthing we have never had before

Personally, think since the schedule came out and the team ended last season the way it did, that Arkansas has had this game circled as well. The open date after this game gives them time to gameplan and rest for A&M, so here was a game against a Power-5 team that the Hogs desperately need to prove they will not cough up a big lead against. While TCU has this game circled because of the loss, the Hogs may see this as the first game that got away from them even though they were able to salvage a win out of it. May not be the case, but this is the first real test since the ugliness of the Mizzou/VaTech games. Time to circle the wagons.