Is it just me?

Or is this the most unappealing bowl season ever?

Yes, it’s just you :smiley:

Nah, in all seriousness, I agree with you. Not overly excited with some of the bowl games

Yup particularly without a dog in the fight

I think that’s why the bowl season is so unappealing to me this year. I just don’t care about watching a college football game right now. I’m not even really interested in the playoff. It’s likely to be Alabama v Clemson for the umpteenth year.

Yea kind of a sour taste in mouth for football now, other than recruiting & that was only sweet for a minute.
Trying to keep focused on Hog BBall but about to get a bad taste again.

horrible only 1-2 i will watch


along with every other bowl season not involving my beloved Razorbacks


I heard on a sports radio broadcast yesterday that this years bowl games have set a record for the lowest ratings ever.

I hope Bama gets beat just because of all the drama it would create.

I don’t know why but I can’t stand Oklahoma. It could be their defense is almost as bad as ours if not worse. I mean Kansas scored 40 against them and they darned lost to Army! I will be rooting for Bama!

I love football regardless who is playing . I like being entertained and it doesn’t have to be by just the razorbacks. There’s really good football out there and I enjoy watching it. You learn a lot about what is and isn’t going on in the league that provides a lot of perspective. Too many people are stuck on just watching their own team and don’t really grasp anything else. I’m excited about bowl season and the NFL playoffs. A lot of good information out there.

I’ve said the same thing about watching different teams and leagues in both football and basketball. I think it gives you a much better perspective and sometimes shows where your team needs to go.

However, this year there are 41 bowl games. I think there are about six matchups I’d really like to see. Some of them are just “blah”.

I watch but it’s not the same when the Hogs aren’t playing in a bowl. Sports is part of entertainment to me. My youngest son is 7 and he enjoys the game! He has been calling the hogs since he started talking. He’s learning the game. If my youngest son wants to watch a game I’ll turn in on. Once a game gets out of hand he breaks out the chess board and we play. If the hogs are on the chess board never comes out he’s intense when it’s the Hogs.
A lot of these bowl games are not worth watching.

Looking forward to the Oklahoma vs Alabama matchup. It’s Murray against Tua. I think Oklahoma is in for a rude awakening. I think the only reason Tua lost the Heisman to Murray is because Tua was injured the last month of the season. You could tell that Tua was not throwing the ball with the same consistency. If Tua is healed I expect a Tua showcase.

Exactly, I’m not for just 1 team and that’s it, I’m an SEC Football Fan and want all the team’s in the SEC to do good. I try to watch all the SEC Bowl Game’s and then tally up at the end on how many we win.

Arkansas has a team in a Bowl Game, and I’ll make sure to watch them play.

Next Year the Razorback’s will be better, and like UAB, it’s very possible for the Hog’s to get a Bowl Bid in 2019. It will take Supreme Concentration and a Whole Lot of Hard Work.


Being in a bowl pickem keeps me interested!

I think OU will score on Bama, a lot easier than some on here think. However, I don’t think OU’s D can get a stop against Bama, and I think Bama’s D can get a stop against Murray and that O. I look for a high scoring game with Bama winning. Then I think we see a low scoring game between Bama and Clemson with Bama winning at the end because of Hurts.

I’m in the pickem and changed my pick before the game last night. Should have kept it the same. Had Marshall and changed it.

I will enjoy it more as the bowl season progresses. This is also the time when I get interested in NFL games. I don’t pay attention until the last weekend, and then the playoffs. There will be some games that are interesting – college and NFL – over the next six weeks. I love this part of the football season.