Is it just me or

Do the signs point toward Harsin being the next Hog football coach? Experienced and proven winner, like the Muss hire. Sustainability-wise, he is probably a better hire than Kiffin with less risk. Just an objective POV. I’m not in the sky-is-falling group. I think HY will make a very good decision.

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I would like it.

Given where we apparently are I’d be thrilled.


If we can’t get Rhule(first choice), Campbell, Fickell, or Harsin, I hope we get Drinkwitz.

I hope we eventually(ASAP)get the truth about what has
transpired with Kiffin.

Harsin makes more sense than anyone being discussed on here but I am still wondering if it is someone that is a surprise. Seems to me that firing Morris was just stupid if they were not going to bring in an established coach at the highest level.

Ding Ding

If Harsin will leave his Boise St alma mater, he has the record & credentials to be a great hire.

Norvell, Fickell, or Rhule would not be bad options. Doubt Drinkwitz fits the experience criteria & a little too risky based on limited experience but might also be a great hire.

I would assume HY has been looking at the HC selections of coordinators & assistant coaches. Norvell had a great history of evaluating, hiring, & promoting great coordinators which makes or breaks these coaches.

Certainly was a Morris downfall.

At this point Harsin would be a dream hire. I lived in Idaho for a while. Beautiful place but winters can be terrible. I remember a near 30 day stretch that it never got above zero one year. Wind never stops blowing either. You can’t get used to that no matter how long you live there. Just saying.

We won’t pony up for Rhule. Nor would he make a downward move to Arkansas from Baylor.

Maybe I’m over-simplifying, but I think it was simply a matter of OM making him a better offer (or an offer when we had not made an official one) & us not willing to try to outbid them. I don’t think we wanted a bidding war for several reasons. I don’t know if lack of money was one of them, but it possibly was. Mostly, I don’t think they wanted to get into that game.

If we lost Kiffin because we would not get in a bidding war, then we were never serious about trying to compete in the SEC. We are just going to collect our money every year from the league office and go about our way.

We build a $160 million dollar end zone facility where nobody sits, but we can’t afford to outbid Old Piss for a coach. Is this the Twilight Zone?

We have been through the worst 8 year stretch of Razorback football in our history and HY needs to make a statement hire and we are talking about a TE coach and offensive line coach… and some are saying don’t panic!!! Just does not make any sense. Hopefully HY has an Ace up his sleeve. Just believe he is too smart not to hire a proven top tier coach…


The money will have to be right. Coaches only move for more money and more talent.