Is it just me or have we been lucky

Kentucky didn’t get a foul called at the end of the game. Missouri big man out , Florida hadn’t played in 13 days and for that matter we get Ole Miss right before they get hot. Love this team and the way they play. Just wandering if luck has played a part in the win streak.

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Luck - When opportunity meets desire. Lou Holtz.


Maybe a little. But on the other hand in Oklahoma State loss, Cowboys bank in an important 3. Actually KY did that as well.

Hard to call that a bank. It was a terrible shot…and he gets 3 points with good D in his face. Argh… I don’t think we got a lot of luck. Early in the SEC schedule, we lost our most athletic big…it hurt bad. There’s no luck there, today we’d best Missou by 20 on the Hill.

I think these Hogs have earned their 9 SEC Ws.


You always have to have breaks go your way from time to time, but more importantly, you must take advantage of those breaks when they come along. All of that is part of the game. Now when you keep winning the close games by 1-5 points, other things have to be entering into it.

All of that said, I will take all the luck or good fortune that comes the way of the Hogs.

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I’m one that firmly believes you make your own luck. Having said that, any breaks we get, I’ll gladly take…

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I am of the opinion that “luck” tends toward a normal distribution; however,
bag men are like a butcher with his finger on the scales.

I don’t think it’s a terrible thing to say that we’ve had some breaks fall our way recently. The difference is that we’ve been prepared to capitalize on those breaks this year.

I’d just mention that not all the breaks have gone our way. If the refs don’t blow the whistle on the goal-tending call vs. Missouri, we get that rebound and don’t have to defend another Mizzou possession due to the alternate possession rule. Please don’t interpret this as a criticism of the refs. It was a CLOSE call and, in real time, I thought a good one. Glad the replay rule allowed them to get it right, but the bad luck was the rule making the ball dead and giving it back to Mizzou. And, forgive the tangent here, I wish we’d go back to jump balls and dump the alternating possession rule.

I guess the art of the non-perfect toss up by refs on jump balls got it eliminated. Just another complaint from coaches why they lost at times.

That’s exactly why it was eliminated. I go both ways on this. The current rule sometimes penalizes a team for making a great defensive play, but if you got a tie ball under the old rule and then lost the jump ball, you still didn’t benefit. And if a guard doubled down and tied up a big, that’s usually what happened; the guard would have to jump against the big.

In my brief stint as an official, I was more concerned about getting the toss up right than nearly anything else. I really practiced that a lot, and if my toss was not good, I would whistle and do it again. I would not stop it after the ball reached its top.

Believe it or not, there was a time when there was a jump ball after every made shot. I bet the coaches really worked hard on that aspect of the game at that time.

Absolutely true. No flow to that game at all.

I don’t disagree but did the teams that beat us when Justin Smith was hurt also get lucky?

Yes and not being able to play aTm is not lucky.

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