Is it just me or does it seem like some current players are

leaving the basketball team?

Two young men have visited the last few days. VCU and Temple transfers plus many other zoom calls and most are guards. I’m starting to think Devo must be gone.

What you guys think?

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where there is smoke there is usually fire.

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Makhel is now in the portal

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For me, as I said before, if Devo comes back. It will be a surprise.


Youda- you’re so right. That’s one of my favorite sayings and it’s always that way. Sometimes I don’t believe it or aren’t paying enough attention and then a bonfire slaps you in the face.


Yep… looks like Kai may be staying so they may be splitting up

Remember, Mahki has one more year of eligibility than Mahkel, so they would probably split up after this coming season anyway. Of course, they still may both elect to play somewhere professionally this year.

I’d love to see Mahki come back (if he wants to). He took a huge step up this first season under Muss and staff. I’m sure it also helped that it was his 2nd year after his season ending injury. Mahki could be a big help working with Fall and helping him along the way his freshman year.

On the roster, they are both listed as seniors. Doesn’t that mean that both have just one year left, I.e. the COVID year?

Yeah Kai just needs to make up his mind that when he gets the ball he’s taking it to the rack!! Put on about 10 lb,work on your free throw so when they foul you you can knock them down and he can be a 10 PPG scorer for us

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This coming year, is their covid year. Mahki qualifies for another year after he missed almost all of his first year at RI with a season ending injury. If he wants it, he can get that year.

2023-24 will be Makhi’s fifth year of college hoops, as it will Makhel’s. That’s all you get, even with COVID. I guess theoretically Khi could try to get an injury waiver because he only played 7 games at Rhody in 2020, but if he did that, he would turn 25 in his sixth year. Does he really still want to be playing college hoops at age 25?

As I posted, “if he wants it”. If no NBA or other professional team wants him, he might? It’s also a way to get your Masters for free and also make some NIL money. Of course, if he doesn’t play well, Muss may not want him back for that 6th year?

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