Is it just me, or does it look like Baylor is playing La. Tech tonight?

Ole Miss usually has either navy or powder blue helmets. With the white helmets and powder blue jerseys, they look almost identical to La. Tech.

Also notice some of those plays are similar in nature to those called by briles?

I hate this. My TV is off and on. I have 2 TV’s going in 2 different rooms but neither going.

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Lady Techster blue, circa 1980’s Lady Techster days.

Also notice that they way they have the “Ole MIss” script on the helmets, it’s almost shaped like the state of Louisiana…similar to what Tech has on their helmets. Makes them look even more like the La. Tech uni’s.

They look like the Houston Oilers.

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Speaking of Unis today, I loved the Rose Bowl designs for Ohios State and Utah on their jerseys. The Rose theme looked cool to me

I’ve seen OS but the Utah unis looked pretty cool to me

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