Is it as bad as it looked yesterday?

We looked inept and without a lot of SEC talent against TCU. Are we that bad? I predicted 7-5, but don’t see any way we go 4-4 in the SEC to get to 7 wins. The offensive line is not very strong and the receivers are not as good as last year. We really miss Drew Morgan and Jeremy Sprinkle. The defense looks a little better…just a little. The kicking game both field goals and punting is weak. I hold my breath every time we kick off.

I believe we can be a Top 25 program. Arkansas has a lot to offer in terms of the school, fan support, and the Northwest Arkansas area. It can be done. I know it can. How do we get there from here? Anyone got a map?

I wonder what Jeff Long is thinking today? I don’t want to know what he is saying, but I want to know what he is really thinking

It’s not that we lost to TCU. They were favored. We all knew we might lose. It just the way we lost to a decent team. We looked so bad…we could not even really compete with a team ranked barely in the Top 25.