Is it a lack of ability, coaching or pride?

I’ve never seen such an awful special teams performance. Is this really the best these guys can do?

its the worst I have ever seen from an SEC team!!! look like a freaking jr high team

We do not have any speed.

It really shows up on special teams.

I realize that speed or lack of it is killing us on our KO and punt coverage. However, you don’t need speed to make short and mid range field goals. You don’t need speed to kick the ball deep into the end zone. You don’t need speed to punt effectively or protect your punter.

Kick the high kick to the 15 or 20 on kickoffs. Punter, we don’t have one. Limpert you cannot count on at all. Punt coverage and kickoff coverage is pathetic. Punt and kickoff returns are also anemic. A blocked punt, should have been two. There was a total breakdown in every area of special teams. Just not well coached at all.

Everyone talks about our lack of quality depth. Special teams is where depth comes into play. It was pretty obvious which team had the better bench.

Remember last week we were praising Limpert for his 53-yard field goal. But just as momentum in baseball is the next day’s starting pitcher, so a bad kicker is what you have done lately.

Are we playing young guys to give them a letter or something?

It’s like we don’t care who we play on special teams and it shows

What assistant has this area?

I remember coach Lou H playing Gary Anderson on special teams. I don’t think we had any punts or kick offs returned for TD’s. You better have speed on special teams rather than a bunch of slow linemen. A decent coach should be able to devise a way to keep the punts from being blocked. Kick offs should be outa bounds, so what if a team starts on the 35. Sure as hell better than giving up TD’s.

You think special teams was bad, you should have seen our offense. We scored 3.

Actually, that was the special teams. :smiley:

That was funny!

I have never seen my team more feeble or disappointing, it is a direct reflection of the high school coaching they are receiving

It is a part of all 3 things. I will say this, the defense played better. Some of them played better.

But -

Auburn looked a step slow to me. LSU last week was a bruiser of a game, they looked banged up. I felt that was part of why we were able to compete on defense. Otherwise they would have really been able to move it on us. Stidham and the team didn’t turn it over, and we needed some takeaways to have a chance.

ZERO offensive points. Horrible on offense.

Special teams shambolic. Nothing more needs to be said.

Lot of guys still not giving 100%. Very easy to see when everyone’s jersey was clean except for the QB.

We lost by 31 points. Nothing to be happy about that. Coaches looked lost on offense, again.

He did say he was going to reduce the playbook to 10% and return to basics, and he did. We did a lot of straight handoff into a pile. Stats were okay by comparison but stats lie, as the score proves. Even if special teams play well, we still get beat. The story of the game is we can’t score. 3 won’t beat anyone. Straight handoff’s into a pile will lose.