Is Isaiah Nichols …

In the portal?

He posted a pic from Senior Day on Instagram with the caption “ Goodbye Razorback Nation.”

Honestly , I think it’s time for a fresh start… leaving before the bowl is questionable, but let’s be real here, it’s time for an upgrade…

I don’t disagree, but we gotta a lot of recruiting to do.

Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever had more recruiting to do in the history of our football program…. The more I see and analyze the roster, I just don’t see how we will do it? Like it’s the last weekend for visits before early signing period, based on reports we have one recruit visiting, we have what 23 commitments, with 3 or 4 of those visiting other SEC schools, that’s not good! We have received 3 commits from the portal, all 3 seem to be players, but we have what 22 or 23 in the portal and I bet more to come… I think we have one weekend in Jan to have visitors before semester starts? Yeah we better have plan and a bunch of vetted transfer recruits on campus that weekend for sure and a bunch better be ready to say yes… like a sense of urgency, or a better sense of urgency needs to take hold it seems… but look maybe that’s exactly what’s happening? Just behind closed doors… but one thing is for sure, we need to get through this early signing day and see who we sign… then at some point either before or after we need to get this staff completed! And then we need to see what happens that first weekend in Jan 2023 …

Nichols is gone. He will not play in the bowl game.

he showed so much promise as a FR/So and was much better as a JR than his abject effort this year, really really don’t get what happened with him. No obvious injury, but maybe there was??? Most disappointing senioresque player for our D this year and was so needed. Could have been a Hog legend as a native son. I wish someone could explain what happened to his year? It was not faint damning praise even, just total non-accomplishment. Was he not a 5th year in the system player??


Nichols was a hog and I’ll always consider him a hog… but we needed him to replace Ridgeway, and he’s not a Ridgeway, we need two or three Ridgeways ….

What would be a good reason for him not to stick around and help the team in the bowl game?

To me, it appears just as bleak as it did when Morris was let go. Almost no defense returning, and almost no WR experience. Crazy; and it’s getting worse day by day.

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Trying to be positive. But going into 4th year of a program I was hopeful for more positives. Need a huge off season of talent and development or I am becoming more afraid of next season. Rooting for Sam because he’s so likeable.

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Don’t worry I’m sure the new DC is bringing a whole bus load of AAC standout transfer recruits from Tulane with him. We just got to sit tight and wait until after their bowl game and recruiting cycle ends so we don’t do any harm to that green wave freshman class.

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This one make no sense. Where does he think he will go?

Our leading WRs this year, were all transfers. Our two leading Sack leaders this year, were both transfers.

Out secondary has no where to go but up.

Makes plenty of sense. He’s hit his ceiling here. Allows us to go younger, and for him find a fresh start.

Perhaps out west? Say Las Vegas?

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Mr Smith, you don’t hit your ceiling at 21-22. You out-work your competition.

At least, that’s the way it used to be.

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Our best WR for all reasons was Ketron Jackson, not Landry or Haselwood. Get Ketron back if nothing strikes his fancy in the portal.

Probably to Nicholls State. He saw N.I.L. dollars. Coach told him the school would put his name on everyone’s jersey, if he signed with the Colonels.

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Dude not a quitter if told go look for playing time elsewhere as Matt has alluded to earlier today has been happening with some of these guys.

I would rather he leave now vs play bowl and team miss on some other school’s quitter as you call them.

Don’t have a problem taking guys that quit their team do you? Oline guy from Florida transferring in. Do you call him a quitter?


If you leave your team before the last game you’ve quit. By definition. It’s not hard. I’m consistent with this. The only exception is if your coach tells you to leave.