Is Hudson Henry still in concussion protocol?

Or were they just being cautious for this first game?

wondering the same thing,we really need his athleticism and skill in the game.don’t know why he didn’t play.

I don’t know the answer to that, but if Chase Harrell doesn’t start catching the ball HH is going to start getting a huge amount of PT/chances.

As an aside, Hicks threw too many away to avoid the rush when he had open receivers, but I’m not going to ding him too much for the drops. Receivers have to make plays too.

Hicks was near awful. I see no way in the world he completes anything close to 65% for the season; he’s just not an accurate passer - although as noted, he’s pretty solid at throwing OB. Frankly, I saw no quick passes. Rather, the faking to a back just takes way to long. Can he not take one step back and unload the ball, in fair territory?

To me, the worse thing that happened yesterday was Starkel’s interception, which led to Morris taking him out of the game…because Hicks returned for continued dismal results.

To my uneducated eyes it seems to me that we need a QB that can run the football in this offense. Jefferson fits that bill. Of coarse he’s not ready at this point.

True freshmen have done great at Auburn & Clemson but they have the supporting cast to make that easier.