Is Hudson Henry back?

Will he be back next year?

He won’t be unless he’s changed his mind. I would like to have him back.

I got the sense that the Liberty Bowl was his last game.

Don’t believe his heart was ever really in it like his brothers were.

I’ve heard just the opposite. Obviously he never lived up to his stars.

I thought he had a nagging injury and decided to retire.

Back or not, still undecided?

There’s this from his high school:

What was the reason that Luke Jones is not returning for his Sr year?

He is on the '20 & '21 SEC Academic Honor Role so assume he is either graduating early or focus is on education.

The 2022 season was Jones’ fifth. He is not taking advantage of the covid year.

Nice to read about a smart & hard working kid who earns an education with honors via his athletic scholarship. That is how it is was in our day & supposed to be in college athletics. Wish Luke the best.