Is Henderson just not ready for prime time yet?

Earlier in the season I thought he was earning more minutes

He’s not ready yet. He’s gotten caught out of position defensively a few times and looks lost offensively others. He’s got the talent, but needs to learn Musselman’s system better.

One thing when he played earlier in the season is he picked up a lot of fouls in a short period of time.

Well, if he doesn’t start to show what he can do to help this team by the end of year two he very likely won’t get the opportunity to be on the roster for year three.
This level of competition may just be too much for him to handle.
This team could really use a solid 6’8” forward to eat glass and minutes and for whatever the reason he hasn’t developed into a player that can provide those minutes.

I think it’s definitely defense. I also think it applies to Chaney as well, he get’s caught out top a lot, (just like bigs the last several years) and taken to the hoop easily. As do most bigs in the league. They just can’t stay in front of guards. It is today’s game.

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