Is Harrison Ingram a one and done deal

I’ve seen 100% Stanford but was thinking we were still in the running for an OV. Anybody know what is up with HARRRISON INGRAM?

Arkansas has been out of it for awhile. As far as one-and-done I guess he’s a possibility but obviously won’t know for awhile.

Why are we out of it with him Richard?

He never said but he’s big on education. Stanford, Purdue and others obviously more respected academically.

He has always talked up Stanford, but I thought we had a chance when he was a 4 star. But I kind wrote him off when he was upgraded to a 5 star.

He is ranked #10 by 247 Sports. Stanford is on a recruiting roll right now. Harrison would just make it even better for them.

If this kid goes to the league in a couple of years, it really won’t matter where he went to school. However, he is coming out of St. Mark’s of Texas, a very elite school. There will be a lot of peer pressure there to go to the proper school.


If I was a one and done or high NBA prospect, I would sign with the best coaching staff that will elevate my game for the NBA.

Now, if I was planing on obtaining a degree, then I would sign with the academic institution which will best prepare me for my future non-NBA career.


I would think Stanford and try to get degree in 3 years