Is Harris the worst shooter in Razorback history?

You just can’t succeed playing 4 on 5 in high level college basketball. You can compensate somewhat for forwards that can’t shoot (even though forwards who can are critically important in today’s game and we lack them), but it is impossible to be effective offensively with a PG who absolutely cannot shoot. You might have been able to get away w this 30 years ago when the game was different, but now it is impossible.

Jalen is shooting an amazing 12% from 3 this year (8 for 64). That’s 2.3 3 point attempts per game. I seriously doubt there is anyone in our history who has taken over 2 a game and shot less than 15%. Thinking back on some guards with limited shooting, Kareem Reid shot 30% from 3, Gary Ervin 32%, Dontell Jefferson 28%. What Harris is doing this year is an order of magnitude worse than any guard shooting performance in our history. For some context, a 3 by Gabe O is almost twice a likely to go in as a 3 from Harris.

If a team adjusts to playing 5 on 4 defense and just sags into the lane and dares him to shoot, the offense grinds to a halt (like it did last night in the second half). He doesn’t have to be a great shooter, but he can’t shoot 12% and play D1 point guard in the SEC. He has to improve his 3 point shooting over the summer to get up to at least ‘mediocre’ or he is not going to be able to play, no matter what assist to TO ratio he brings to the table.