Is Harris a sophomore or a junior?

All the articles I have read about Harris listed him as a sophomore. However he was introduced in the game yesterday as a junior. lists him as a sophomore.

Soph on the court. Jr in the classroom.

Was literally coming on this morning to ask the same thing. He’s listed on the Ark Gameday app as a junior, he’s been introduced at each home game as a junior, he’s listed as a RS-SO on the website…what gives?

He played his freshman year at New Mexico, transferred and sat out his sophomore year while redshirting, so he should be a RS-SO…correct?

He is in fact a RS-SO. I don’t know why they list him as a JR.

I am hoping Dudley or Scottie will provide an explanation for this.

Got my media guide today. Harris is listed as a sophomore. That confirms it. Someone in AD needs to inform PA announcer George that he is wrong.