Is Gus toast?

The plains is burning

At most places his seat would only be warming a bit, but at AU it’s getting very hot. They change coaches more than the Aggies change underwear.

2nd longest losing streak at home with Colorado in lead and SMU 3rd

That won’t cut it


It is amazing how a coach at Auburn can go from playing for a NC to being fired, or from beating Bama 5 times in a row to being fired, or from… you get the point!

I work with a couple of Auburn fans

They early on said that this year is a crital time for Gus

Fan base is restless

They’ll need to beat LSU next week to take some heat off. Still will have the rest of the West to go through plus Georgia among others…

Better beat Bama

Get the feeling this thing is getting away from Gus.

Watch for his team to quit on him. Bear Bryant or Nick Saban can’t coach worth a lick if their team quits.

He’s an offensive coach with no offense. That doesn’t bode well for his future. I think the only thing that may save him is that big buyout.

Baylor in his future?

LSU at Auburn next weekend - Loser Goes Home Match

If he can’t snap the home LOSING streak he won’t be walking the sidelines for long

I am really only concerned too much about one of their home games!

Geez, they don’t want him! They are running the Briles offense.

Here’s the deal about Auburn, when Alabama is on a roll, it is never a good thing to be coaching at the rival school. And it just gets worse every time Auburn loses and Alabama wins. The seat gets hotter.

I think Gus is a good coach. He is in the wrong job. Trying to keep up with Nick Saban and Alabama is a brutal and almost impossible task. Gus has gotten wealthy and coached in the National Championship game. He has done well for himself. I hope he finds another job besides the thankless task of trying to be better than Bama. Who could do that?

Teams like AU & LSU etc. who are on top of SEC recruiting year after year, bring with it equivalent expectations. It only takes couple dismal years for the seat to get hot. For us, we know we are playing mostly with 3 stars and some 4 stars. Our wins and progress is most appreciated.

That’s a great line. I think he’s toast. One of the few things he can do to maybe buy a year is can Lashlee and I don’t think even he is a big enough phony/fraud to do that.

Their fans are very upset. They’re mostly debating over whether they want Petrino or Briles, while the rest of them are saying they aren’t good fits because of the AU creed and how they win with class and integrity. Good stuff.

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I don’t think a “home losing streak” is as glaring as their general performance. That streak is kinda misleading. It starts in 2014, when Auburn won at home over Arkansas, LSU, and South Carolina, before losing their final SEC home game to A&M, 41-38.

Last year, Auburn played poorly, period, and they just happened to have a murderous home schedule of MSU (lost 17-9), Ole Miss (27-19), Georgia (20-13), and Alabama (29-13). I wouldn’t like there chances of beating those 4 teams last year no matter where the games were played. They weren’t very good, going just 2-2 in SEC road games, beating Kentucky and A&M, for a 2-6 SEC record.

With Saturday’s loss, they now have a 6-game losing streak, but I think that’s more a function of being bad last year and the schedule putting teams they can’t beat in Jordan-Hare. I’d judge them more as a team that can’t win rather than a team that can’t win at home.