Is Grant Morgan

interested in trying to come back next year?

Good question, but one he has not answered yet according to my knowledge.

You know they would love to have him back.

If he really wants to become a doctor, he’s needs to get moving in that direction. I don’t know where he is in his schooling, but that would impact his decision more than anything. I don’t know if he’s been accepted, or not or needs more class, but if he needs more class, or a backup advanced degree (masters of some sort), then this would be the perfect opportunity to come back.

I played college ball (baseball at Oral Roberts) while doing pre-med. My last year, I was pretty much burned out with baseball and ready to start med school. I could have played one more season, but was ready to get started at UAMS. But that was just me.

Others I know in the same situation opted to stay and play as long as they could before starting med school. (we had several former college athletes in our class)

Med school will still be there for Morgan if he has the bigger desire right now to help the Hogs go to an even different level as a program. The way he plays is how I figure he’ll approach med school… he’ll go all out when his time comes.


I think Grant wants to play in the NFL. If he thinks coming back will help that, he will.

Hmmm, big decision for Grant then RD.
One more year playing at AR with aspirations of playing at the next level after. Verses Med school now or later.

That’s just my opinion based I know of his love for football. Being married and his desire to go to med school, he has a decision.

Has Morgan been accepted to Med school?

Lots of people want to be doctors

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