Is Georgia gonna lay an egg.....

If Texas holds on to beat Georgia the SEC bowl record will be 5-5 with just the Alabama/Clemson National Championship left to play.
Conference hasn’t carried the banner “It Just Means More” very well in this bowl season.

Go Hogs!

Chaney has showed his teeth! Same old weak play calling. I’d be willing to say if Chaney moves on Pittman won’t follow him this time.
Georgia can’t seem to ever make a play.

It’s looking like UGA just didn’t come to play and Texas (spit) did

But I’m ok with SEC teams losing as long as that team isn’t Arkansas

I’m a Clemson fan next week

Horns bout to put an old fashioned SWC beat down on the Dawgs.
Should be no excuses about motivation, game has been scheduled for a long time and it is the Sugar Bowl for goodness sake!
If Georgia isn’t motivated to play then that’s on them.

Go Hogs!

Well if GA loses they can’t whine about not making the play offs, even if they would have made a better showing than ND.

Let’s not talk about motivation. If you can’t get motivated to play Texas then you have issues. Big 12 over SEC in this one. Good for the Big 12. We all overrate the SEC below Bama.

Your man crush on the Big 12 is something to behold… :wink:

I can’t stand Texas. Kirby Smart is catching it on social media. It’s hard to overcome the fumbles. (2). Freebies.

The SEC superiority is pretty much exaggerated. The SEC has great teams. But other conferences do too. Big 12 included. The immense poor play of our own Razorbacks has allowed me to focus on other football. I see our fans brag about SEC defenses, and yet here we have UGA playing very poor defense all night. The mighty Saban disciple Kirby Smart has been beaten badly tonight. So do we still think UGA should have been in over OU? Nope.

Tom Herman is a punk…plain and simple.

Texas is a very good team. Won in every area tonight.

But they certainly showed poor sportsmanship in the end.

Just like their fans.

Never can underestimate a motivated team vs. a non-motivated one.

Thought Ga. would have a chip on their shoulder for not being included in the four

Richard, I knew this would be coming. How does anyone know UGA was unmotivated? Maybe they were highly motivated but just got beat by a better team?

Personally, I don’t think they got beat by a better team. I think they had some things go against them early and it snowballed. Texas rammed it down their throats on the first possession, stops Georgia (whose QB consistently missed open receivers) and then catches a break when the snap on a punt is low and the Georgia’s punter’s knee touches the ground. Short field for a field goal, then the Georgia punter shanks his next punt at midfield. Soon it’s 17-0. If Georgia was unmotivated, that’s on the Bulldogs. However, I think Texas was eager to show they belonged on that stage again, and if the Bulldogs weren’t motivated, that’s on them.

IMO after seeing this game, Texas should have been in the Playoff instead of Notre Dame.

For those that thought this game was a bit on the Low Side, Rewind the Film of the Alabama/Oklahoma Game ~ Now that was a KnockDown Drag out Fight on the Field. Those Guy’s were Ripping the Helmet’s off and Trying to Break Each Other’s Neck’s.

The Alabama/Clemson Game might be a Blood Fest, but I can’t imagine it being more brutal than the Oklahoma/Alabama Game.

College Football has alway’s been a Brutal Sport, but it has gotten to another Level. That’s just my opinion though. Maybe that’s why I like College Football so much. Sort of like the Roman Gladiator’s.

I would very much like to see Arkansas in the Mix next year or as soon as they learn to play football again. I still remember the day’s of Yesteryear when Arkansas and Texas played each other every year.

You would assume but quite the opposite. GA really didn’t care to be there.

Texas top 5, maybe top 3 to start '19! Can’t stand it…I may be ill!


Never can underestimate a motivated team vs. a non-motivated one.

Thought Ga. would have a chip on their shoulder for not being included in the four

[/quote]Apparently the only shoulder with a chip is Hawgjawbend’s!

Could be that GA has already got that sense they “belong” in playoff every year. Anything else below that is just “meh”

Looked very similar to Bama’s performance against Okla in the same sugar bowl a few years ago. The year Bama didn’t make the 4 team playoff cut.

That wasn’t a playoff year. Alabama played Oklahoma in the final year of the BCS and the Crimson Tide were ranked No. 3 at the time of that game. Alabama has been in the playoff all five seasons of its existence. It has made the championship game the past four seasons and lost to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl in the first year of the playoff.

But to your point, the No. 5 team in the final playoff poll is 1-4 in its bowl game. Georgia is the latest in a growing line of teams that felt snubbed and probably overlooked its bowl opponent.

That said, I thought Texas played a great game last night. That looks like a team that could make a lot of noise in the next couple of seasons, and I suspect you’ll see Texas very high in the polls when the 2019 season begins.