Is Georgia gonna lay an egg.....

I sure hope not but I don’t like what I am seeing right now. Got to beat the horns. This has Bama/Oklahoma from a few years ago written all over it. GA players have no emotion right now and TX is playing like its the National Championship game.

I never put too much weight on the first couple of series. Weeks of film study and added new wrinkles before a bowl game adds to that.

I expect win by two TDs.

Ok…somebody needs to see if the Punter has a gambling problem…has he taken a flight to Vegas in the last 3 weeks?

Georgia may be the better team, but Texas is playing harder and with more emotion right now. Looks like the bulldogs have an Alabama hangover so far

I thought our punting game had issues…

I live 1/2 mile from Georgia. And I hate Texass…Go Dawgs!

I have been waiting on this game all day…I sure hope its a good game and I really hope Georgia wins. I wanted to watch this game more than any game including the playoff and NC game.

Georgia is being very predictable and running on first down once they start Play actioning and throwing down the field on first they will start moving the ball

Laying a double yoke egg…


Georgia playing tight like it has nothing to gain and everything to lose and Texas is doing just the opposite! WPS

Well they had better wake up since they have not spotted Texas 16 points.

I live in Georgia but they are truly flat right now. It looks like Texas really prepared for this game but Georgia just assumed it was a win for then, I do hope they can wake up but itis already getting late.

Georgia missed tackle after missed tackle…

Very sloppy Georgia team tonight.
Do they have any players sitting this game out for the draft?

It sure is funny to see an SEC team getting a taste of how real defense is played in the Big 12.

Too many dropped passes and too much Sam Ehlinger.

I agree completely! But that has always been Chaney’s MO. He called the same game vs. Alabama once they got ahead. He always gets conservative when the pressure is on.

Georgia did not come to play.

They are far superior to Georgia

Texas looks solid and motivated. Georgia looks out of sort and disoriented. It’ll be a mircle if Georgia can pull this off.

Clearly laid an egg.

If motivated they beat TX by 50.

Georgia needs to put Fields in, if just for one series and maybe settle Fromm down. But that won’t help the defense.