Is Gary Blair's wife still teaching @ UAF :-)

:roll: …if she is, why not offer Gary a nice raise to come back where he never should have been encouraged to leave. Admit that fiasco was one of the dumbest moves by a UofA Administrator in the history of the school and try to make amends. Hoping that a nice guy who had never coached females in his life would be a brilliant hire didn’t work, so why not undo a really dumb move from the past that provides us a National Championship Women’s coach? You have no chance of hiring any other National Championship Women’s coach, so why not Gary?

I’ve been wondering about the possibility of Blair too. Probably too much water under the bridge but (IMO) he would be a “home run” hire. But I also hear that hiring a women is a priority. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I was in Houston mid December and ran into a Miss State assistant in the airport. We talked briefly. I told her I was a Hog fan. She said (none too nice) “I’m so sorry”. If we hire the Miss coach it would be poetic justice to see her 1. Become a Hog 2. Lose her job.

She was an arrogant young lady.

Yes, his wife still works at the university and he has family in Northwest Arkansas. But Gary is 71 and will be 72 before the next season begins. I get the impression that he is getting close to retirement. I think the door for the Razorbacks to bring him back has closed.

Then Jeff Long needs to go to Gary and ask for his recommendation. He needs to make a classy gesture and that might go a long way towards attracting one of his former assistants.

I dont know what the UAF is but she is teaching at the U of A