Is game being replayed anywhere? Thanks

Wasn’t able to record

The whole game is on youtube:

Thank you

WatchESPN also has it on replay.


I get that it is on the internet…but why in the world is SECNetwork or ESPNU not replaying this game this week??? Every other game is replayed.

I missed the one that ESPNU replayed yesterday as we were driving home from the game.

Worse yet, the scheduled time for the replay early Sunday morning was off - I recorded the end of some weather-delayed game.

It was replayed several times on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but you really had to be on top of it to find the replay.

Which didn’t help if you were driving back from the game… :shock:

ESPNU had it on yesterday afternoon. It will be replayed again tonight at 7 p.m. according to the schedule.

My schedule says TN vs Va tech.

Between SECN and ESPNU that game has/will be replayed 6-8 times this week…and it wasn’t a very good game…