Is Gafford really an early 1st round pick

[size=150]I don’t think so. He has no shot beyond about 4 ft. He seems to be pshed around under the basket. He just doesn’t have enough weight. He seems to be winded more this year than last. How is he going to defend someone like Portis who can shoot the 3.
No doubt he can run. He’s a dunk monster, but will he be able to dunk near as much on the big boys.
I just think he needs another year in the weight room and work on his shot. If he could shoot a jump shot, with his speed he would be a bear to defen[/size]

Normally I would be like, what are you talking about and point to all of Gaffords improvements and his statistics. However, I seen something concerning this morning. ESPN/Draft Express updated their mocks, and have Gafford as #29. I was absolutely shocked to see this. He was just like number #19 on their site like a month or so ago. still has him at #17. But, Draftexpress is by far the most credible NBA mock draft source.

I’m starting to think scouts may be seeing some of the things you guys are mentioning. He does seem to get winded pretty easily, he does kinda flounder around a lot as if guys are banging him around, and he really doesn’t have any offense outside of dunks/layups around the rim.

It’s kinda weird because he’s obviously better than he was last year, that much is for certain, but it does seem like there’s a lot to still be desired in his game. I still think he’s gone after this year and will at worst be a late first rounder, but I’m starting to think it may not be a far gone conclusion that it’s best for him to leave after this year as we originally thought.

Most of the mock drafts I have seen have him around 20-30 in the first round. He has a lot of upside, in my view, but he just has no offensive game other than the dunk. He is a good shot blocker and can run. He is a decent rebounder, but someone as athletic as him should rebound better. His weaknesses are his offensive game and lack of physicality. He has room to get better and probably will as he matures.

I concur

I honestly can’t argue with that man. Good thoughts.

Gosh, some of you guys are starting to pick up on the same themes that I brought up in my post on Nov. 10 titled “Gafford and NBA”.
I got all sorts of push back about the same issues with his overall game and NBA readiness.
I said at the time if he was a certain lottery pick then he should take the money and hopefully mature physically while getting paid, but if not, it might serve him better to stay in school and further develop his game while getting stronger.
Here’s the thing, he will really get one shot at the draft and he and those around him had better due their due diligence prior to making this decision because you don’t get do overs.
I was my opinion that his warts would get exposed as the season progressed and though he has put up some good scoring numbers in many games, he still has a lot to improve upon.
Also, it’s not like he was a McDonalds All American, but he was able to make a splash as a freshman with his length and athleticism on a senior laden team.
In my opinion, if he drops as far as a possible late 1st rounder he should seriously consider coming back for at least another year because if the mock draft has you possibly that late you could easily slide out of the first round all together.
I guess the next month will play a big factor in his actual draft status and we will all find out together.
I have always said that I wish nothing but the best for this young man and hope he makes the best business decision for his long term success.

Go Hogs!

even if he gets drafted he’s not skilled enough to play much in the league and surely he’s no starter talent yet… He will be in the g league if he leaves after this season much like the big man from vanderbilt who the warriors drafted a couple years ago and he was alot more skilled offensively than Gafford… In the NBA to be an impact player you have to do more than run and jump… Gafford needs to development a jump shot 17 feet and one or two true post moves if not the best I ever see him being is a Javale Mcghee…nothing is wrong with that at all Javale is helpful player at times but he’s not really good, and no where close to great in the league… Gafford would serve himself well imo to return

He could certainly come back, go to class, and be a better player and and make Arkansas a better team.

And get some insurance to make sure he gets some money if here were to get hurt

Or he could jump to the NBA, be a first-round pick with a guaranteed contract, be rich and take care of his mom and work on his game to become a better player.

I know which ones the fans want. They want him to come back.

But he has to be selfish and do what he thinks is right…even if he’s not “ready.”

I don’t disagree, not many here would turn down that money if offered.

He will be a rim runner in the way the NBA game is played these days, which is much different from the old stationary game of the hey days of the Celtics, Lakers and Pistons back in the day.

BTW what is wrong with his legs?

Is he tired, winded? Something just seems to be wrong with his posture. He is leaning over as if some part of his legs are hurt, hurting, something?

Has anybody or has there been a thread discussing irregularity in his some of his basic movements?

For what ever reason Gafford doesn’t have the a very pleasant smile very often.

ANT body have a clue to whats up.

BTW his dunks have just dropped a lot IMO.

KEY stat dunks seem to have dropped???

Is my question out of line. Any thoughts?

OR is it just me and nobody wants to give me the time if day. I’m a big boy>

Nobody cares to give me the time of day.

I tried extremely hard to ask a fair question that I thought was well thought out for me. And

Mike. What did I do wrong?

Bump!! Punctually correct. I thought, At least a PM :oops: :oops: :oops:

I haven’t seen anything on an injury. Some have speculated he got sick, but no one knows for sure. He does seem to get winded quickly, but in his defense, he’s getting hammered all game long and, in my opinion, he’s worn out. Again, speculation.

I think he’s frustrated with how the team is performing. I saw him twice tonight get in good position and a guard could have got him the ball, and instead they threw to another guard, then he got doubled, then they tried to force him the ball, which ended in a turnover. Plus, I think the officials were allowing a lot of physicality tonight and he got frustrated at them.

As for his dunk’s, yes I don’t think he’s getting as many. For whatever reason.

Not if I were making the selection. Understand, I’m a fat old guy and not an expert by any stretch, never coached, but have loved the game since childhood and the basics haven’t changed.

This team can be extremely good or extremely bad. When Gafford has the ball continuously forced to him in the low post where he is double/triple teamed, bad things happen. The pass will be intercepted, deflected, or if Daniel should catch it, he has no chance. He needs bulk and strength, but what we see is a turnover and Daniel bent over like he’s been mugged or is in grievous pain. This is what scouts are seeing because that’s how the TEAM is playing.

On the other hand, when he receives open entry passes and has a little room to operate, he’s pretty doggone good and nobody can deny his ability to run the floor.

His supporting cast can’t seem to tell when he is open for an entry pass or not. Some of the new players may be smart kids, but not smart basketball players! The way they play, decreases Gifford’s effectiveness exponentially.

If he’s smart, he’ll come back for his junior year.

As far as the rest of the team, we are dying by these defensive stars who act as though they are shooters/offensive superstars. The message to them should be play defense, take charges, rebound and do not shoot unless you have an uncontested layup or dunk.

For the record, I think your question was reasonable and timely. I think he may have been somewhat over rated and the team makes him look worse than he is.

IMO, No Daniel isn’t worth a first round draft pick at this point.
However, none of us are NBA GM’s.
I guess we will all find out when the time comes.

Go Hogs!

How many Bigs (6’10” +) that are athletic and can run the floor like a Giselle are going to be in the upcoming draft?
Yes he is constantly double and triple teamed because of lack of other scoring threats around him. I don’t know of many players period who dont struggle when they constantly have 2-3 other body’s hanging on them every trip down the court on offense. Look how other teams push him around and box him out on defense.
But Dan fights m off and still manages to get his points and rebounds.

Agreed he needs to work on a jump shot away from the basket, but he will all of the time in the world to do that at the next level.

I don’t disagree with that at all.

YES he will go in 1st round. Is he ready? NO Should he go now? Absolutely. If you have a chance to set yourself up for life financially you better do it. He may be a later pick next year, as the scouts view his weaknesses more. So please Daniel go take the money and take care of your family. Of the possible 1st round pick only about 5 are truly ready for the NBA now. The NBA draft is based on potential and right now Daniel’s potential is at its highest. It is much easier to reach his potential while getting paid a million $ than spending time on campus. He will be able to practice against people his size. Gafford is like Willie Cauley-Stein the former UK center.

Doesn’t know how to post up, doesn’t matter how tall he is or how long his arms are because he seldom raises them above his head, no shot if he can’t dunk, and not strong enough. He gets pushed around easily. Several teams have come in with big men who have outplayed him. He outscored Tilmon from Missouri the other night, but Tilmon looked better shooting the ball.

Arkansas would be better served to just press and run and shoot. They are going to give up some easy baskets but trying to go into Gafford only causes turnovers and bad shots because the usually get caught by the shot clock. After saying all of this, why can’t Anderson teach or insist that his players block out. Worst fundamental defensive team in the league. I will be shocked if this team gets to the NCAA tournament.

PS: anyone notice the pouting by some of the bench players. Last two games I have. Chaney especially at Missouri but he was not the only one tonight.

Last three games, I mentioned it in another thread