Is Gafford first team All Hog?

What bigs have we had in years past who are better, or would you take over him??

Portis and maybe Kleine. Probably put him ahead of the Big O, Schall, and Hastings.

All time freshman center. Too early to tell as a soph. Miller and Portis were both really good sophs. First team All-time center for me right now would be Klein. If Gafford plays the rest of the year like he played Sunday, he would probably become best ever.

If it was the 80’s when everyone stayed 4 years - I think he would become the greatest Hog big ever. He showed a baseline J against IU and his form looks good. If he stayed, put on his man weight, he would be unstoppable. As of now I still rsnk him behind Kleine and Miller, but that’s not a slight IMO. I’m just going to enjoy the ride while it’s here.

Lol. Man weight.

He’s had one great game. Let’s see how he performs this entire year and what he helps the team accomplish. Then, we can look at his two year career and see what he did. If he plays all year with the kind of effort he gave against Indiana, he could be an All-American this year, but that type of effort will be hard to continue to give game after game. It was impressive.

Let’s don’t push Joe off Mount Hogmore just yet.

Corliss was a two-time All-American, SEC player of the year and Final Four MVP. He wasn’t the prototype at his position, but he’ll probably always be the first post player I think about when I think about former Razorbacks.

Let’s see how Dan works thru the SEC schedule and getting banged around by other bigs.
Would probably be one of the best if not the best if he stuck around for 3 years.

Geez… Guy have one good game and people want to put him on the all time greats list. :smiley:

It is too early to conclude a lot on Gafford. But I must say, I have not seen any post player at Arkansas be a force at both ends of the court like Gafford. Klein and Portis were a force on offensive end only. Miller was a force on the defensive end but I don’t believe as much as Gafford.

Corliss defintely the best post offensive player than any of the above, but hardly a force on defense, given his size.

We will soon find out who was the best. And NBA will weigh in also.

It is so hard to compare guys who play here two years vs guys who play here 3 or 4 years. We only get to see the short timers scratch the surface of what they can be. Big Dan is certainly the most athletic and exciting Big we’ve ever had. Let’s wait and see what the full season brings for him and the team before we decide his place in the history of the program.

I had seen a couple of early games last season (before we played anyone of note) by the time my usual watch party group got together for the first time last December (the first couple of games were streamed, so I watched them on the ESPN app - but we could not get them at the sports bar we frequent). When we sat down, I told my buddies who had not seen us play yet that Gafford was the most talented center, with the most upside of anyone we’d ever had. He wasn’t “there” yet, but he would flash early and eventually grow into that.

“We’ll see”, they said.

By mid-season last year, they all agreed with me. Now, Daniel still has some improvement to make. Obviously, free throws remain a big issue. He heeds to improve his mid-range jumper, and get more comfortable passing the ball out when the defense collapses on him. But in terms of a center (which Corliss was not), he’s our best. He runs the court like no other, is very good (but still improving) as a shot blocker, and has become a very good rebounder. And he loves to finish around the rim with emphasis - as a Center should.

For the record, I was a huge Oliver Miller fan, and if he could have dropped about 30 or 40 lbs., who knows what he could have been? As it was, he was a very good player, almost in spite of himself. Soft hands, great passer and those loooooong arms that extended out like inspector Gadget to swat shots and passes away.

Joe Klein was a very good, all-around Center. Clearly got closest to getting 100% of his ability translated onto the court. But the other two (Miller/Gafford) had/have more upside.

Agree with all that. Oliver could have been an all-star C in the NBA if he could have maintained his weight. Unique talent, terrific passer

All points fair. Barely into his second year. But for my eyes, what I’ve seen, how he runs, blocks, defends and scores, and the ability to dictate a game as a 5 (which is extremely rare in college b-ball) I’ll take Gafford all day and 2x Sunday’s over Klein. Corliss was a 4. But I may take Gafford over Corliss too if I had to choose. Don’t get me wrong I love Corliss and his 2x AA has the most respect.

I’ll bump this in late Feb and see where we are on this.

Agree Gafford best all-round, with a whole lot of upside to go. Have seen all bigs up close since Steve Schall. Daniel has the best motor, length, speed, along with crazy ability to score from all angles with just a step or two and great touch. His absolute effect on the game on both ends is why he is the best.

His impact on both ends of the court makes him an imposing
player. He is a nightmare for any opposing coach. He is all
Hog and I am smiling and thankful.

Dan couldn’t have done what Eddie asked Joe to do and Joe couldn’t do what MA is asking Dan to do. Two different types of players. Loved/love watching them both play though.

I think Big O was the best center we have had, until Gafford. They are #1 and #2 for me in no particular order.

I do expect Gafford to be the same as Joe on the offensive end and what Eddie asked Joe to do. It won’t happen at Arkansas, but in the pros.


Dan couldn’t have done what Eddie asked Joe to do and Joe couldn’t do what MA is asking Dan to do. Two different types of players. Loved/love watching them both play though.

[/quote]Agreed. Two clash of styles. I don’t have any doubt that Daniel is the better athlete. He runs the floor and blocks shots and will grow into a better halfcourt player. Joe’s strength was his strength and ability to bang with other bigs. Daniel will make the better pro, but we’re talking All-Hogs, so I’d say they are a very close 1A-1B with the Big 0 a very close #2.