Is French Visiting Tenn this Weekend?

Well, I think we all know Chavis won’t be here next year. But, I don’t think that’s the reason why French is about to decommit, unless that’s a recruiting tool UT is using.

French will be the second decommit since the SJSU debacle with several more losses - some ugly - to come.

Not good

You don’t know what you are talking about. Are you from Tennessee?

Wait and see…

It’s not like it’s a huge secret. He’s gone and probably won’t even visit. Really hope he does but highly unlikely.

So, what’s the story here? How do you go from committed to not even visiting? Has to be more than not offering the 3rd LB.

Per Otis Kirk, that’s all it is. Otis has put out, if we offer McDonald, all three will be Hogs (Dudley and RD said that if all three were offered earlier, they would all be committed). He said if they don’t offer McDonald, none will be Hogs. He said right now TN, Mistake, and Purdue have offered all three. That’s the three schools he’s likely to attend, unless we offer McDonald.

Only reason I don’t see us offering is rumor is McDonald won’t be eligible and may have to go the JUCO route (not saying this is true, but it’s the rumor).

Eason wanted to go to TN, since they lost out on several 5* candidates, they’ve given French a commitable offer, those two do want to play together. MacDonald doesn’t matter, I’d be real surprised he plays anywhere in the SEC, time will tell on all of this. If they get them up for the Auburn game, then there’s still a chance.

Little Debbie Downer is back, on cue, to pour piss and vinegar all over the forums.

Must be tough going through life where everything is a glass half empty, the neighbor’s dog always dumps on your lawn, and the only recourse is to spread pessimism and stir the pot.

We’ve had one decommit to date… and that appears to have had nothing to do with SJSU game…

Too many people are putting too much high hopes on the basketball team this year. I think they can have a good season, but they will struggle. And the staff is yet to be proven in SEC play.

Shhhhh…enjoy the next few months without those tro…errr “fans” joining in the “We Suck” crowd

But I swear, to hear/read all these fans with an “inside track” on recruits, they make it seem like half our commits will decommit. I even talked to a guy the other day, who is a friend of a friend with one of Carthage, TX coaches who said Crawford is about to flip to LSU. From the article today, it seems like he’s pretty sure of his commitment. I just don’t know where some people get their information.

I don’t claim to have any inside sources but I keep up with all things Razorbacks. And I will say this board is routinely more optimistic than any other. Not that it’s a bad thing, but several others with connections are saying French is likely gone. RD/DD obviously can’t say anything until it’s about to happen just because they’re professionals. But I bet if you forced them to put some money on it, they’d wager that French decommits.

I’m not saying one way or the other, but Tennessee is in worse shape than we are, and if he flips, then all 3 must really want to play together.

Those other boards you mentioned are wrong quite a bit. They like to sling stuff at the wall and hope something sticks.

In this case I’m not sure, but if the third kid gets offered everyone is positive they all become Hogs.

One man’s piss and vinegar is another man’s realism. We’ll see who is right on Mr. French

I do recall one of us ringing the alarm bells about Bielema while another defended the fool that destroyed this program.

I remember who was right about that one.

Jackson, i equate our talent to weight loss. It just doesn’t happen overnight. Quick fix diets cause you to lose 10-15 lbs and you think all is well then you put that weight on plus another 10. Our talent began to slide under Petrino. Then recruiting didn’t happen the fall with John L. Bielema came in and landed a really good first class and part of the second. Then when he failed to hire good assistants, recruiting continued to slide to the point it was when Morris was hired. He had the unfortunate experience to have the first December signing date which meant no where to flip anyone of substance so that year yielded Mike Woods and hopefully a couple of others. Thihs is just going to take time. A steady diet and exercise. The players Morris is recruiting are better than those on campus so that is a start.

I agree with you about this being a process …but you just can’t lose to SJSU and maintain credibility/maintain enough hope to effectively sell the program. That was an inexcusable loss that has badly damaged Morris and inhibited his ability to build the program.

A couple of SEC wins would help mitigate that damage.

Will they win a couple? Will they win one ?

Just read that McDonald now has an Arkansas offer and that all three will visit for the Tiggers game.

Does that change your thinking maybe?

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