Is French Visiting Tenn this Weekend?

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Coach said McDonald and Eason is but not sure about French.

Read he is visiting Tenner this weekend

Coach didn’t know yesterday but he’s saying he is visiting. Again, it’s that way today. Kids will take visits.

I still think he’s stays a Hog and Eason also joins him. Shall see.

My question will be if and when McDonald gets an offer from Arkansas.

If he does, I think that would seal the deal with all three, but still love Arkansas’ chances to land French and Eason.

French has removed Arkansas commit from his bio on Twitter, uh, maybe we should offer McDonald.

uh oh, not good.

All three of them were ready to commit to Arkansas in March if the Razorbacks would have offered McDonald.

That being said, they still would have had to fend off the same schools.

Do you know why they didn’t offer McDonald?

From what I have seen on Twitter, it appears we will not get any of the linebackers unless we offer all three.

I gather there are character issues with one and he might not ever make it to any school. No idea if that’s totally correct or not?

In any case, we are very short on linebackers. Do we offer knowing that we might end up with the two already offered?

Do they all go to Tennessee or MSU?

We have some guys who never get play as it is.

French committed knowing McDonald didn’t have an offer and might not ever get one.

So you don’t think he will de commit?

Sure looks like that’s where this is headed.

Not saying that, but he knew the situation when he committed. Arkansas gets him and Eason on campus for the Auburn game. Maybe they’ll invite McDonald.

Long time before signing day is all I’m saying.

To me it sounded like he was saying that other schools have now offered all three. But, Arkansas has not. And they want to all play together. If Arkansas doesn’t offer, they probably won’t be at Arkansas.

I have no inside info. It’s all second hand internet stuff. Guess we will see. Glad it’s not my butt on the line.

Pretty huge year to get LBers in this class. Not very often do we have a chance for two four stars.

I think a decommit is imminent

Yes it is. Thank God for basketball season coming up. Nice to have a complete competent coaching staff. The entire defensive staff in football should be looking for jobs at the end of the season.

They are going to Tennessee.

I predict this is the first of several decommits if the losses pile up and we finish 0-8 in SEC again as I predict will happen.

Morris better win some games. If not, a bottom of the barrel recruiting class and 0-16 will give HY a lot to think about.

He’s definitely decommitting.

All I can say is we better offer McDonald if we want a chance at saving him, and a chance for a good LBer class.

Most commitments stick. Not saying he will or won’t, but this staff does a great job of recruiting the kids hard. Mass defections usually only happens if there’s a coaching change.